What Popular Slot Machines Will Earn You Real Cash

There are several popular slot machines that casino lovers play with passion, and these slot games are not new to the casino community either.

The popularity concept of slot machines has changed over the years. In other words, the popular games that the majority of gamblers were enjoying in the 20th century may not be very prominent today. Just like that, the world-renowned games nowadays are not likely to be popular in the future. That said, there are several popular slot machines that casino lovers play with passion. And these slot games are not new to the casino community either. If you are also a casino lover, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the list of casino games that are extremely popular and will earn you real cash. 

Play These Popular Slot Machines for Real Money

Wolf Moon

You may not have heard of this game. But you will definitely be glad to get familiar with it, as you will want to play it continuously from now on. 

Around the reels, you will notice symbols composed of letters and numbers. They are apparently the ancient traces that have remained from an Indian tribe. Some people believe these symbols help you find the Wolf Moon, which is the jackpot. Whether it is correct or not, these symbols will still help you win rewards with an amount of 4,000 coins. There are also authentic totem birds that you will want to find. They, in turn, will help you win a maximum of 6,000 coins.

In a nutshell, Wolf Moon is one of the popular slot machines that you do not want to miss playing. And it is getting even more popular with time. And odds are you will start hearing its name more often. Do not forget that you can play this amazing game in the casino software of Flamingo7. 


When I line up the names of slot machines that are extremely popular, it would be unfair to exclude Baccarat. One of the favorite internet casino games of tons of casino lovers, Baccarat, is mainly loved by high rollers. The goal in the game is to determine the value that is closest to nine. To be more precise, you have to determine whether Punto’s or Banco’s hand is closer to nine. You can also wager for the probability that there will be a tie for both hands. 

It is worth mentioning that another name for Baccarat is Punto Banco. And this game makes up for 9% of all casino games in the world. 


popular slot machines

I could not forget to add Poker games to this list. In fact, it is more like a class of slot games rather than a sole game. And as mentioned above, the popularity of slot machines change over time. That is Caribbean Stud, which was one of the most popular slot machines once, is not as popular today. Instead, Mississippi is getting more prominent these days. Another game in this category is 3 Card Poker that is significantly prominent.

Bear in mind that most of the Poker games offer progressive jackpots to players. So, if you are a high roller, they can be an ideal choice for you. Yet it does not mean that you cannot wager smaller amounts in these river slot casino games. The likelihood of you getting small wins is quite substantial, as well. 

Note that Poker games make up for 21% of all casino games played worldwide. In this regard, it is the third most played game category in the world.


Roulette is a game that you have probably heard of, even if you are not such a big casino fan. Based on pure luck, Roulette has been able to occupy the imagination of people for decades. And a lot of people have attempted to beat the casino through creative wagering systems for years. But obviously, they would need such a good chance for it.

As Roulette is one of the popular slot machines, its return to player (RTP) rate is usually high enough. That said, do not forget that this game has some variations, too. And that means different variations will have different RTP. I suggest you go for the ones with relatively higher RTP, such as French Roulette. In its absence, you can try your luck with European Roulette, too. At the same time, I advise you to play in a casino where there are bountiful bonuses. Do not forget that they are accumulated and result in a significant amount of money over time.

In general, one of the reasons why Roulette’s name is among the names of slot machines that are extremely popular is its ease to play. Roulette is one of the online slot games that even an amateur or beginner can learn to play very fast. 

Note that 24% of all casino games played worldwide consist of Roulette games.

Magic Owl

Magic Owl is a fantastic slot game that is presented by Net Entertainment. The theme of the game is magical and the story goes around the witches and the main character which is owl. There are five reels and five rows in this slot. The game offers 15 pay lines that are placed both horizontal and vertical. The minimum bet amount that you can make in this game for one payline is 0.10 dollars while the highest is 10 dollars. For instance, if you match at least three symbols in a line that are intersecting with available pay lines, you would earn 150 dollars right away. The game also offers high prizes in form of bonuses.


The last game that features in the list of casino games that are highly popular is Blackjack. In fact, it is the most famous name in the world of casinos. If you ever had some exposure to casinos, then it is impossible for you not to hear the name of this slot game. 

One of the main motives behind the love of players for this game is its high RTP. Actually, it has the highest RTP among all the casino games, which stands above 99%. So, as you understand, the higher the likelihood of winning urges players to choose this game over others. On top of that, what makes it one of the most popular slot machines is its ease to play. Regardless of your previous experience, you can start playing Blackjack quickly as it has very few rules. Some of the more prominent versions of Blackjack are Pontoon, Burn 21, Spanish 21, etc.

Also, different from other casino games, in Blackjack, your winning chances are relatively dependent on your decision-making skills. This factor alone makes the game more exciting and attractive for players.

It is worth mentioning that Blackjack games make up for a whopping 31% of all casino games that people enjoy worldwide. It is incredible since that means almost 1 of every three casino players choose this game to play. 

How to Choose Popular Slot Machines to Increase Winning Chances?

popular slot machines

As you can understand, one of the reasons why popular slot machines are hugely loved by casino players is they allow people to win some money. And though it is tough to win jackpots in online casino games, these games still will enable you to earn some real cash. And that is due to the fact that popular slots online have higher RTP. Keep in mind that the higher RTP a game has, the better winning chances you will have by playing it. That is why I personally recommend you to play games with an RTP beyond 95%. In this case, you will not get bored with playing as earning some money will keep you motivated. 


You already know that trends in the online casino business do not remain forever. The popular slot machines that were once enjoyed by everybody may be useless today. That said, five games have been top-rated even decades back, and are still going strong. And now you are aware of them. Hopefully, you found the article useful. To be mindful of more related content, do not forget to check out our page. 

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