Wager Bonus

Make winning a habit with Flamingo7 wager bonus that offers up as soon as you deposit money. With the Wager Bonus, you will get closer to winning right at the start of the game.

What is it?

What is it?

A wager bonus is one of the most popular types of online casino bonuses. It has specific features, and can be served as a welcome bonus as well. As soon as a player places a deposit, they can get access to this bonus offer. Each wager amount is matched by a specific percentage, which means the player receives an amount that is determined by the wagering requirements of the online casino. For instance, the wagering requirement at Flamingo7 starts from the second deposit. You need to deposit eight hundred coins, and we will give you twenty-five percent of that amount, which means that you will get two hundred free coins as a wager bonus.

How to Win Big in 3 Easy Steps

Maximize your winning potential with these three easy steps.


Wager Requirement

Check minimum wager requirements


Wager Rate

Verify the wager rate to unlock benefits


Pick Game

Choose a game with the highest wager bonus

Advantages of Flamingo7 Wager Bonus

Advantages of Flamingo7 Wager Bonus

Doesn't it feel great to deposit money and get back some percentage of it? At Flamingo7, you can get twenty-five percent of your deposits back into your account. The best part is that our withdrawal policy is extremely efficient. You can withdraw your earnings after making five deposits on the same game.

Why do you need to use Wager Bonus?

Whether you are a newcomer or experienced player, the Flamingo7 wager bonus can help you in a variety of ways. First of all, it is free, and all your customers need to do is either to register to the casino or claim it through wager requirements. The good news is that both of these options are available in Flamingo7. By committing to our casino platform, you will have a chance to offer free bonuses, multipliers, and no deposit/deposit bonuses. You can boost your bankroll through this offer and use it to your advantage.

What are the Types of Wager Bonuses?

Flamingo7 wager bonus refers to the definite percentage of the player’s first deposit. There are various types of wager bonuses that you can offer using our software, but the most popular one is the cash match wager bonus. You can get both complete and partial cash match wager bonuses from Flamingo7. The percentages may vary from 50 to 500 according to your preferences. Besides that, you can allow players to get an advantage from the wagering bonus by signing up for your casino platform. Our welcome bonus package includes up to five deposit chances, which customers can get just by registering.

Cashable and Non-Cashable Wager Bonus ?

We offer both cashable and non-cashable wager bonus for customers. The key difference between these two can be understood through the name of the terms. A non-cashable wager bonus offers great rewards, which players can only spend in other casino games. For instance, if you won 200 dollars in Wolf Moon as a non-cashable bonus, you can use that amount in our other fantastic casino games. Though, if you earn 200 dollars as a cashable bonus, you can easily withdraw that amount from your account and use it on whatever you want. As Flamingo 7 has a very flexible withdrawal policy, it will be easier for your customers to withdraw the winning amount through a cashable wager bonus.


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