The Impact Of White Label Online Casino Software In iGaming

In this guide, we’ll give you the relevant details about white label online casino software, and how important it is in the iGaming industry.

Years ago, your dream of starting an online casino business would have probably stayed as a dream, if you were not a giant in the iGaming industry. Large companies were able to take a monopoly in the market due to high launching costs, driving out small businesses that couldn’t go against them. But that changed when the white label online casino software came to the rescue.

Currently, numerous changes have occurred in terms of your choice, the competition in the iGaming industry, platform suppliers or providers, and innovation that comes with the white label online casino software. Without a doubt, the white-label software has made a tremendous impact on the iGaming business, making the competition fierce.

However, the emergence of platform suppliers, you know, the experts capable of establishing a new online casino in weeks and at a cost-effective price, has also contributed to the industry.

Now, outsourcing from white-label software has made it simple and reduced the difficulty and the cost associated with building a casino business. And the number of casino business owners gearing towards white label solutions is steadily increasing every day.

If you’re planning on creating your online casino business using white label software, it’s essential to understand the process involved. And the impact the software has in the casino industry.

In this guide, we’ll give you the relevant details about white label online casino software, and how important it is in the iGaming industry.

Let’s head right in.

What Is A White Label Online Casino Software?

The white label is a product or service that a service provider develops and sells or leases it to other online casino businesses. The company will then rebrand the service and market it as their property, hence the name “white label.”

Both the provider and the business owner wins. The provider can concentrate on top-quality white label software for their customers or clients. At the same time, the business owner can invest more time in marketing and promoting the service or product.

It also works the same in the online casino world. Here’s how. On the technical level, the white label software developer is in control of operations and the setup. The client takes the responsibility of marketing or branding. They both split the profits depending on the agreement they accepted (averagely, the income share is about 15:85%.)

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You’ve probably realized the popularity of the white label software. That’s because numerous online casinos are using the software. Aside from the two obvious advantages: cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the white label comes with customization. And the chance to work with the provider throughout the white label process.

As a result of the collaboration, it massively reduces any errors, and you don’t have to take care of the licensing. All products purchased from a licensed white label software provider usually come with the same license.

White Label Online Casino Software Vs. Turnkey And API

white label online casino software

Before we move any further, let’s make something clear about the three services that platform suppliers offer: white label solutions, Turnkey, and API, and how they’re helping in the expansion of the white label software.

White Label Software

Platform suppliers or providers can manage all the services that come with white labels for you, such as casino games for sale, licenses, payment methods, hosting, etc. It comes with a simple setup, less requirement for operator support, and fast. However, there’s limited flexibility.


Turnkey comes with a full package sold to casino operators. It has many features of the white label solution, such as payment methods, casino games, customer support, etc. However, it’s more flexible and needs more operator support. It comes with lots of management and risk.


The Application Programming Interface (API) comes with less integration. If a casino operator wants to integrate game feeds, for example, the operator can use API. Basically, with API, you can include products from other providers with your products.

The Difference Between Platform Suppliers and Software Providers

Over the years, platform suppliers or providers have helped in the increase of white label solutions. Even now, most online casino business owners rely on the expertise of platform suppliers. Although software providers can do what platform suppliers do, they’re needful in the casino industry.

Let’s dive in more.

As outlined above, software providers develop the content, in this case, the white label. The platform suppliers facilitate the content distribution to the business owners or operators. It’s quite right that the core responsibility of a software corporation is to create online casino games.

However, they can also create integration platforms like platform suppliers. Meanwhile, platform suppliers or providers can also work around gaming software, develop their casino games, and develop games created by other casino software providers.

Previously, it was easy to find online casinos using a single game provider, but now, players want various numerous casino games. Platform suppliers can interface multiple games and platforms using APIs, which can allow several platforms to operate seamlessly.

Game developers can also develop plugins that casino operators can use on their platform. In other words, they can integrate games into platforms they owe and which they also distribute.

In short, the lines between software providers and platform suppliers are fading gradually. But in the end, they both expand the white label solutions to people who want to start an online casino business. They both benefit.

Why Does White Label Online Casino Software Have So Much Impact?

white label online casino software

That’s quite simple. If you can create a top-notch product that can help establish your business in weeks, instead of months or years, it will catch on quickly. That’s what the white label does. 

Nowadays, no one wants to spend weeks just trying to acquire a license to operate the casino business. Over the years, the white label casino has proven to be a high-quality service, attracting new clients almost always.

The white-label software:

  • Takes considerable less period to market
  • Comes with a cost-effective setup price
  • Contains payment processing methods that are ready for use
  • Comes with its registered license
  • Has customer support

All the listed points above facilitate the establishment of an online casino business with limited resources. Even companies with enormous budgets are using white label solutions due to cost-effectiveness.

The white-label software has its disadvantages, but compared to the advantages, its nothing. One of the widespread complaints with the software is the customization limit. If you remove or add any external software, you would have to do a lot of paperwork, which can be expensive.

The best way to solve the problem is to be satisfied with the software you get. If not, you can use the alternative, which is Turnkey.


The white-label solution has made it possible for countless online casino business owners to establish a lucrative business. Previously, it would have taken a considerable long time. 

As such, it has led to the increase of online casino business and expanded the iGaming industry, and it still is. The white label online casino software is the practical solution if you want to start your online casino business. It’s simple, uncomplicated to set up, and saves you a lot of resources and time. We can help you if you’re searching for the best platform suppliers or providers that offer premium white label services. Some people do not prefer the customization limit, so they would prefer other solutions. If that is you, we have full Turnkey solutions to help you establish your business. Finally, if you’re not sure whether to use a White label or Turnkey, you can contact us, and we’ll gladly assist you. Call us right now!

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