The Basic Characteristics of A Sweepstake Game

However, a lot of people that enjoy a sweepstake game every once in a while tend to turn away from online casino games gradually.

A lot of us have heard of sweepstakes, mainly if you live in the US. You usually find these games in sweepstakes parlors, where you can win prizes by purchasing time. They first surfaced around 2005 in the Southern U.S, strongly resembling gambling games. However, a lot of people that enjoy a sweepstake game every once in a while tend to turn away from online casino games. This is mostly because they think these games are tricky, harder, and that they require a lot of money. Gambling games indeed require bettings, but the money a player invests stands next to nothing when compared to prizes. Any slot game or other gambling game is, at the bottom of it, a sweepstake game. In this article, we focused on the basics of sweepstakes and how online casino games stand out from this particular crowd. 

How Does A Typical Sweepstake Game Work?

Typical sweepstake game began as a form of lottery where people would win material things in the end. Gambling games like casino slot games took the same treatment back in the day, when jackpots meant candy, gum, or other sweet stuff. 

Sweepstake games highly resemble gambling, but they are not necessarily the same thing. There has been a controversy around sweepstakes cafes and whether they respect anti-gambling laws or not. Gradually, sweepstakes laws changed, causing a lot of business from multiple states to close their doors. The most popular case happened in Florida, where regulations fluctuated for around two years, creating confusion. Today’s situation meets both parts in the middle. Sweepstakes software developers changed the design of the games and their approach to the people. On the other hand, authorities decided upon a set of laws with clearly stated intentions. 

Prizes are no longer a secret, and players know what they’re in forever since the beginning of the game. This action stands as a “pre-reveal” mechanism, created to get in line with the legislation. Search for sweepstakes games online, in the newspapers or magazines, see them on TV, or hear them on the radio. 

Are Online Casino Slots Sweepstake Game?

Sweepstake game

The answer to this question is yes, any online casino game is a sweepstake game as well. This is mostly because, in both situations, the final result is random. Online gambling games and sweepstakes online both use a random number generator to pick out the lucky numbers or, in the second case, the winner’s entrance number. Not all casino games follow this exact manner, but the greatest example is slot games. Slots are the most popular offline and online casino games ever recorded, and that is because they are so easy to play and win. 

Online casino games are also regulated by law, which is an essential aspect of the gambling industry. Laws can affect your gambling habits depending on your location, the online casino’s declared position, or the gambling license origins. The first step all gamblers should make when registering on an online gambling platform is reading the rules and finding the site’s license. 

After stating these facts, we can clearly say that online casino games are a slightly more sophisticated version of sweepstakes. They are clearly more reachable, more complex, and hold a bigger share of the market. Slot games definitely have their fans, determining a lot of offline casinos to focus on this gambling game category. This fact also decided on the development of table game variations, such as poker. You’ll find a simplified online sweepstake version of poker on most gambling platforms. This is an excellent opportunity for players that are not familiar with this kind of online sweepstake game to better their knowledge. Also, when comparing online casino games and sweepstakes, statistics tell us that people prefer the first ones.

Why Are Online Casino Games Better? 

As we already mentioned, gamblers from all around the world prefer online casino games instead of sweepstakes. This is due to two main reasons: variety and accessibility.

First of all, you can find thousands of online casino games provided by different websites and gambling software companies. Because of the industry’s provider variety, you’ll also discover that there are different game- quality levels. This is a huge factor for all users, because everybody likes high-quality games, great gaming experiences, and a speedy network connection. Gamblers will choose their favorites according to the features provided on the websites. 

An excellent online casino platform is first and foremost user-friendly. Users should find whatever they are looking for quickly, and the site should also come with a game lobby. This will make the game selection a whole lot easier. Also, each sweepstake game should belong to a specific category and should have accurate descriptions. 

Second of all, players enjoy online gambling games because they are accessible around the clock. You can gamble at any given time of the day or night, from any spot in the world. Also, you can access online casino apps from your mobile or tablet. Either you get a gambling app, or you choose the mobile version of a popular online casino, you’ll get the same great experience as usual. 

When looking at any sweepstake game, one of the first things you’ll notice is the expiration date. You can look at sweepstakes as promotions because you mainly win services or products from the organizing company. These promotions last up to weeks, but most of the time, they announce the winner after a few days. Therefore, people created specialized websites that alert users whenever a new sweepstake game is available or when one will soon finish. 

Sweepstakes Online – Slots

Sweepstake game

Our favorite sweepstake game, which happens to be under the online casino games category, is, well- any slot machine game. Slots are maybe the most popular gambling games in history, especially online. They are so fun to play, easy to understand, and require minimal bets. The last factor is the one that brought so much notoriety to slot machines. You can gamble a few dimes and finish the day with hundreds or thousands of dollars in your bank account. Especially nowadays, jackpots tend to get bigger and bigger, specifically on online gambling platforms. Ever since the introduction of progressive slots and jackpots, the prizes kept increasing, sometimes reaching 1$ million dollars. Therefore, it is tough to ignore the temptation and not try online river slot games.

Besides the fantastic jackpots, the exciting story themes behind each game and the attractive bonuses are also great reasons. All online slot games come with some bonuses: from free spins to extra rounds and other maximizers, these rewards can turn the final result in the blink of an eye. Not to mention that the background themes are more and more complex as days pass, and technology evolves. You can find slots featuring cartoons, movies, series, sports teams, or other pop culture icons. Due to this fact, so many players identify and create a bond with specific online casinos. 


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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, online casino games are more popular than sweepstakes, even though they don’t represent the same thing. However, they come from the same central idea – the generation of random numbers produces a winner who will later get rewarded. Over time, online casino software developers chose to focus more on sweepstake games because they had more potential. People usually play sweepstakes games because they appear in their mail inbox, and there are high chances to miss them. On the other hand, gambling games offer exciting experiences as well as grand prizes, making it a total experience. Try both sweepstakes games and decide which is the best for yourself. 

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