Slot Machine Design: How Slot Games Are Built?

We decided to explore online slot machine design and discuss the development process of these amazing casino gaming platforms.

The online casino business has boomed and gained worldwide popularity among casino players. Statista defines this phenomenon as the platforms which offer casino games such as poker, slots, bingo, baccarat, and others. When we look at the market segment, it is clear that slot machine games are ahead of others. We decided to explore online slot machine design and discuss the development process of these amazing platforms. Casino software providers and slot machine developers focus specifically on slots since these games generate quite impressive revenue.

Why Do Slot Machines Take Off Rapidly?

The first and most important reason why slot machines get the popularity that they had today is that they brought the casino to the home and make it accessible more than ever. Before that, without real money or excitement of online casino games, players were choosing different console games and genres to get entertainment. At that time, the casino game was a tiny fraction in the gaming industry. Though as time passed, the number of online casino platforms increased, so several online gambling players. Generally, video games are aimed at the type of players who like to have fun in a harmless environment while casino games appeal to the segment of players who are thriving for excitement and playing for real cash.

Developing a Slot Machine Design

For the ones who are not into the online casino development or programming, and the process may seem very simple, though it is not. When it comes to online casino platforms, slot machine games are the ones that demand high focus and most development. The trends are changing, and slot machine developers need to follow them and design the games accordingly. The workflow of the slot machine design process may contain different levels, such as finding out the target and mission, researching, planning, and starting to create the games and final design touches that are essential for developing an excellent product that is ready to serve.

Time Able for Development

A high-quality online slot machine takes approximately 10 to 12 months to complete. The process starts with basic ideas and goes until the end product. The development process involves a number of professionals. For example, a project manager, a creative team who is working as a configurator, front and back end developers, a game tester, mathematicians, server developers, and game designers. It deepens from the scope of the project through most of the time; particular designers are also assigned some tasks to finalize the slot machine design and make it stand out.

While each slot machine game is different, generally, the development team uses preexisting slot mechanisms and design as a framework. By doing so, they can see how it fits, functions, and make better decisions. It is a time-consuming task to reinvent the same frames each time. That is why using pre-made structures is an efficient way to design slot machines. Players are enjoying these games, but they make the process for granted,., Whether the slot machine features simple bars and lucky sevens or has a thrilling storyline about amazon people, the work that programmers and designer put on that project deserves a ton of credit.

Slot Machine Designing Process in Detail

slot machine design

The first step in developing any slot machine game includes a discussion in which creative teams, development teams, product management, and marketing experts contribute to the discussion and make a plan. The initial concept involves these discussions and brainstorming. Then they choose a direction according to the demographics, current standing, and demand of the market, marketing statistics. The first thing is to look at the existing slot machine games that look like this one in the market. There is a need to analyze their success rate and see if we are on the right path or not. If you complete these steps, then you need to figure out how you can present the product differently to make it more appealing to the audience and interesting for players.

For example, let’s take that company x wants to design a slot machine that features landmarks of the world. Then the team of professionals will look for the existing slot games with the same structure and interface. If they notice that most of the existing slot machine games feature the Egyptian Pyramids and the Coliseum in Rome, they will switch their minds and decide to go with the Empire state building and the Eiffel Tower design in their games. Once they come up with an idea about them and interface, the next step is to define the mood of the slot machine game. Team members would ask questions like:

  • Does it need to feature cartoon characters and be whimsical?
  • Is it reality-based with real images?
  • How does bonus games work?
  • How they will reflect the mood of the game?

Challenges of Slot machine Development Process

As you can see, designing a slot machine is not an easy task to complete. That is the main reason why most of the reliable software providers have high online casino software price. The inter cafe software includes several games, and each of those games created with the same tiring process. So it is understandable why online casino software price increases. The process requires developers to think of and come up with an excellent product and create the best possible experience for the audience.

There are many challenges in this industry regarding the development phase of games. Though, the essential ones are about deciding to make either branded or non-branded new slots from scratch. The industry is full of online casino software providers and game developers. Most of the slot machine games look like each other though it is risky to create a new style and use innovative initiative because customers may not like it.

Variance System of slot Machines

Developers need to decide about the variance factor of the games. There are three available options from which they choose.

Low-Risk Variance

slot machine design

Low-risk variance slot machines are developed to appeal to the segment of players who want to play as long as they have cash. In these types of slot machine games, the jackpot amount is generally lower. Though winning combinations are more, and the frequency of completing them is higher.

Medium Risk Variance

Medium risk variance slot machine games are the most popular types. You can easily find thousands of available options that offer this type of variance. Players like to play medium risk variance slot machines because they have an equal chance to win both high and low jackpots. Most of the progressive slot machines use this attribute to attract more customers. There is a high chance of winning more in this type of slot machine rather than low-risk variance. Though the frequency of the winning will not be the same and more frequent, just like in low-risk variance slot machines.

High-Risk Variance

High-risk variance slot machine games are the ones that offer lower chances to win frequently, but the amount of the jackpot in these games is comparably higher than the previous that we discussed. In this slot, machine design developers include several multipliers that can increase the pot exclusively. Players who approach slot machines with win all or lose mentality likes to take their chance on these games.


As you can see, it is not an easy task to design slot machines. If the process seems too complicated for you, you came to the right place. Flamingo7 can help you to handle the task without working on anything. We provide casino software that includes a number of interactive and famous slot machine games. For those of you who want to start an online gambling address, we can help you to improve the branding, customer retention, and provide you with excellent software solutions. If you want to learn more, contact us!

Final Thoughts

In video slot machine games, designers can express their creativity and innovation and make excellent products. Though, it is always risky to develop a product and wait for ultimate success because players are the ones who assess and mark your products as successful or failure. Overall, the work that slot machine design requires is very hard, and all the team members who are involved in this process deserve praise whether you like the game or not. We mentioned the essential steps that you need to know about the slot machine design process. Hopefully, it will help you to understand the process better.

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