Six Approved Steps to Start Online Casino in 2020

It can be tiresome to start online casino but it is very rewarding. So, follow the six steps explained above, to run a profitable casino.

The gaming industry has been growing since it reached the mainstream in the 1970s. The gambling industry is making billions every year. It is one of the industries fast-growing at an exponential rate. There are countless opportunities for growth in the online gaming world, and being a part of it is fulfilling. But, to start online casino is tough and can be challenging at times.

Regardless, it’s impressive to know that the gambling business makes millions each year. It should serve as a motivator to establish your online casino.

Starting Your Online Casino Business

Starting an online casino is profitable. Many interested people are exploring the online casino business despite their past experiences. The industry offers high profits over a short period. 

 There are two ways you can start an online casino. You can enter the market through:

  1. iGaming casino operator
  2. Online casino affiliate

iGaming Casino Operator

If you begin with an iGaming casino operator, the cost involved is enormous. The laws involved and the license fee are massive. But the business can yield high returns once the casino customers recognize it.

Online Casino Affiliate

Another way to start an online casino is through the casino affiliate programs. The online casino can be a profitable business if you have the required experience in the field.

As explained above, to start an online casino is very lucrative and profitable. If you want to earn in a short period, build your business on what satisfies your customers.

It means you have to pull in a lot of resources, including lots of time, to get the expected results. 

Some of the resources are:

  • Latest technologies
  • Good gaming content with attractive bonuses and promotions
  • Compatibility with selected gaming platforms

So, to have high returns in profits, you must be pay and ready to invest. Here are six steps instructions to begin your online casino in 2020.

6 Certified Steps to Start Online Casino

Choose A Trustworthy Software Provider

One of the most crucial steps in buying the best online gambling software. The gambling software you get will determine the performance requirements. So your utmost concern should be ensuring a trusted software provider. You should check the following points when securing a service provider:


  • Guarantee terms
  • Gaming reviews
  • Security features
  • Gaming content
  • Conditions for individual cooperation
  • Certifications and
  • Technical support.

During the opening stage, you can lose track of your business objectives. It happens to a lot of individuals. Many people still ask which service is relevant, which is why we recommend Flamingo. The service provides gaming solutions that streamline the gaming solutions. It also enhances your player optimization.

2. Select Your Gambling Content To Start Online Casino

Your business expands based on players’ judgment of the games in your casino. Put much emphasis on the variety of your gaming content to get as many players as possible. Your website should ensure smooth integrations and exciting popular games. 

It is crucial to have a casino with features to live stream videos for players to have fun. If you do this, you’ll create authentic casino games for online players to enjoy. So go ahead and add cool online casino games to your casino business. Besides that, you need focus on variety and quality of the casino games that you are offering. Find your target audience and include gambling games that would be appealing for them.

3. Get a Gaming License

start online casino

Acquiring a licensed game is one of the vast expenses you incur when starting an online casino. It is a document that permits you to conduct online gaming business. You can operate without infringing on any laws in several countries.

But since the legal framework is different in many countries, the process is tiresome. The following categories are gambling requirements set by countries. They are countries that:

 Govern their markets

  • Prohibit gambling
  • Govern the markets and have a monopoly over them.
  • Have not regulated their market
  • Focus on promotion and marketing activities
  • Create an online casino site

The well-known gambling states are:

  • Isle of Man
  • United Kingdom
  • Malta
  • Curacao
  • Gibraltar
  • Alderney

When choosing the states, the determining factors are its:

  • Reputation,
  • License duration, and
  • Cost of the license.

4. Secured Proven Method of Payment

Starting a gambling business is an international venture, which means worldwide commercial transactions. You need to verify if your online casino supports the electronic payment system. If not, gamblers cannot deposit money or cash out their winnings.

It’s not the best idea to ignore the traditional paying system. It can be a harmful business practice that can ruin your casino business. You have to sign many agreements with companies that provide payment systems. The signed agreement can help you secure verified payment methods.

5. Creating a Website

You should take a considerable amount of time to develop an attractive website. It will help in retaining your customers and raise your brand value. It is crucial. Looks do matter! The design should be of high quality, different from other similar sites. Don’t overuse graphical elements. It will drive your visitors away and overload the system.

Take a look at these point when developing your site:

  • Work on your navigation usability
  • Make sure your website is user-friendly

6. Center on Marketing and Promotional Activities

Marketing your casino business is the final stage. When you’ve completed the previous five steps in detail, you now have to set a market strategy. Come up with a powerful marketing strategy that will increase traffic to your site. And don’t forget to incorporate affiliate systems.

To keep your visitors on your website, include:

  • Loyalty programs,
  • Retention campaigns and
  • Bonuses.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Online Casino

start online casino

There is no specific answer to this question. The reason behind this is that every single detail counts. You need an elaborate plan, market analysis, and a feasibility study that may amount to 5,000 USD or more.

You will have a clear insight into your competition and target audience. It will help you get an idea of what countries to target your online gambling business. It will also determine which license you need to get.

You will attract more costs when you start. When you start your online casino, you will still have expenses, but they will be at a low price.  

Online Casino Software Price

Starting an online casino is a money-consuming step. It requires all-out cooperation between the developer and you. You will choose among casino software providers. And also, the payment methods you plan to use.

The approximate online casino software price ranges 60,000-500,000 USD. The developing company takes care of technical aspects such as:

  • Software customization,
  • Configuring the server
  • Design
  • Payment systems implementation

After the purchase, you will get management and control tools. You’ll then become the only owner to start online casino with no revenue share necessity. 

The development stage can cost around 20,000 USD or more, and it depends on which options you choose. Some budgets, such as mobile versions, do not form part of the larger budget. So they are not listed as such.


As we go through the necessary steps that you need to complete to start an online casino, you see that the process is not as easy as it seems. You need to have a decent knowledge of the industry and casino games in order to enter the gambling business. Besides that, you need to have enough money in order to pay for the expenses of the business. If you would like to get the best deals in the industry and acquire all the needed tools at a cheaper price, you came to the right place. In Flamingo7 we build interactive casino games and gambling software that can help you to successfully start the online casino platform and run it effectively.


It can be tiresome to start online casino but it is very rewarding. If you follow through the six steps explained above, you might be earning a high income. You have to remember that when you start your online casino, your expenditures will not stop there. There will be ongoing expenses that are important to manage. But your income flow will increase as your business expands, so don’t forget them when planning your budget. 

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