Online Casino Software

Maximize the Profitability of your Business By Employing Flamingo7's Online Casino Software

To run a successful online casino website that handles customers perfectly, you need to have reliable online casino software. Fortunately, Flamingo7 is offering such a product that can help you build an exciting platform. Our certified gambling software developers have decades of experience in this industry and surely know what they are doing. We are providing you with the latest online casino software models that are designed with cutting edge technology. Using our expertise in this field, we developed a casino software solution that is ready to use. With a growth rate like this, the online gambling industry will become even more significant in the next few years. So, do not lose your chance of starting an online gambling website right now.

Online Casino Software

Why Do You Need to Choose Flamingo7 Gambling Software?

It is essential to start a gambling website with effective gambling software for better results. Our online casino software is packed with interactive software solutions covering all the attributes that you need to have for having a profitable casino business. The software comes with interactive casino games, great management tools, and security measures.

The Best Features of Flamingo7 Online Casino Website

More Games = More Possibilities

We have a vast majority of popular casino games in our gambling software. As you probably know, customers love the variety, and they want to play on those platforms that offer them several interactive casino games. This should not be a big deal for those of you who employed Flamingo7's online casino software. Whether you want to start a business by solely focusing on one genre or build a platform with several different casino games, we got you. Flamingo7 online casino software consists of other slot machines, table card games, and chance-based gambling titles such as keno, baccarat, and more. Your customers will have a chance to enjoy the most popular gambling games easily through this casino solution.

Bonus and Loyalty Programs

Our bonus system can be seamlessly integrated into your current gambling platform. There are many great opportunities that these bonuses and promotion programs hold. These opportunities will grab the attention of your target audience. Our bonus package is entirely standalone. We can integrate into any online casino website effortlessly. The package consists of various bonus opportunities such as deposit, no deposit, registration, happy hour, cashback, and other types of bonuses.

Our online casino software allows customers to either keep a bonus balance separately or integrate it with the normal account balance. It is fully customizable, and you can change or create new rules and regulations for bonus procedures. Besides the bonuses, promotions like loyalty programs can attract new customers and keep the old ones happy. We offer various loyalty promotions, such as a level-based system, free prizes, and experience points that can be used for marketing purposes.

Variety of Payment Solutions

Banking is critical for those who want to start an online casino. They need to make sure that they have enough variety and options regarding payment methods. By acquiring Flamingo7 casino software, you will manage to offer high-quality payment solutions to your customers that are accessible through almost any part of the world. Besides that, we help our clients in banking procedures such as opening a separate bank account and settling payments with their business partners and customers. In addition to that, you can open a merchant account to seamlessly integrate Visa/Master Card payment options on your casino website. It is a bit complicated procedure but do not worry because our experienced managers will help you throughout the process.

There are several payment solutions that you will access by ordering a casino software from Flamingo7. You will manage to provide customers with Visa/Mastercard payments, mobile payments, Google Pay, eWallets, vouchers, and other types of bank transfers. We are working closely with our reliable partners to provide you with various banking options that have the minimum transfer fee. It is crucial for your business's future because players are not sticking to online gambling platforms where they need to pay higher transfer fees.

Fully Functional Management Tools

In Flamingo7, our primary goal is to provide you with the best management tools explicitly tailored to the customer's needs. Our time-tested and reliable gambling software is designed to help you have full control over your casino platform. Our management tools will help you to run your business more efficiently. It can help you to make adjustments whenever it is necessary.

You can pick and choose the customizable widgets when it comes to the management dashboard. From the dashboard, you will access statistics of the players, KPIs, and graphs related to your casino brand's functionality, and so on. Both on mobile and web versions of your casino website, you will manage to get full control over the games. You can change the categories, control bonus and withdrawal rules, create bet limits, etc.

Access the Gambling License easily.

If you decided to start an online casino business, the next thing you need to do is to learn about the local rules and regulations towards it. For those who want to eliminate that boring documentation phase, we offer a gambling license as part of the online casino software. You will not need to apply for licenses if you have Flamingo7 online casino software. All the gambling software products and games by Flamingo7 are licensed and tested for fairness. We are preaching responsible gambling and want to provide you with the best possible outcome to build a positive reputation for your casino brand. All the gambling games by Flamingo7 run through Random Number Generation systems and are entirely fair to play.

Strict Security Measures.

Security is the key to having a reputable online casino website. Players would not sign up for the platforms where their safety is not strong. By acquiring a Flamingo7 online casino software, you will manage to enjoy 256-bit encryption and save yourself from cyber attacks. By having a secure platform, you will make sure that customers feel comfortable while entering personal details and making deposits.

Availability of Both White Label and Turnkey Options

We have two different options for those who are seeking to get online casino software. The first option is a turnkey, online casino solution. It is a customizable system that can help you to design every detail on the platform by yourself. By utilizing this option, you can work on the software and pick and choose color pallets, design of the dashboard, include or exclude various attributes from the ready template. The white label casino software by Flamingo7 is a ready system that can help you to start your gambling website as soon as you get the software. You can still ask for changes to the design, which we can update whenever you wish.


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