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Manage Your Cyber Cafe Business Seamlessly with the Flamingo7 Internet Cafe Software

Internet cafes are places where customers have fun, access high-speed internet connection, play multiplayer video games with their friends, and enjoy the quality of the services they offer. Flamingo7 internet cafe software is a system that enables you to have full control of your cybercafe shop. With the variety of management, reporting, and security tools that we have, you would not have any issue regarding the profitability or user engagement in your cyber cafe. It is easily accessible, and the setup process takes a few minutes for you.

Full Control Over Terminals

Flamingo7 internet cafe software allows you to take full control over the platform. Whether you are offering just an internet connection or video games, you can still have the ability to change and manage them accordingly. When it comes to charging prizes for each program group's use, you can create different charging methods and apply them easily. You can disable sort of video games or websites that users cannot access. You can monitor the actions that are taken by customers to prevent them from doing illegal stuff while using your terminals.

Our tracking system works smoothly after integrating it into your computers, and we ensure the safety of customers while you track records. Session histories of the devices will remain, but with our systems' help, those histories would not contain any sensitive information about clients, including name, IDs, passwords, or bank details. Before each session begins, our internet cafe software will automatically delete the previous actions that have been taken by customers and make the terminal fresh for the next one.

Manage Downloaded Files in Your Cyber Cafe

Besides these advantages, you will have control over the downloaded files too. Clients like to download new files to service terminals whenever they are performing some action. That can be new games or documents regarding their work, etc. To avoid confusion and disable those new files from entering the overall system, you can leave only one slot for the customer downloads in your hard drive. You can easily delete those files after each section ends, and you will avoid spending time searching for them because our system helps you provide only one slot for those downloads. You can create a batch file on the end of customer terminals, which will automatically delete all the files that they downloaded as soon as the session expires.

Printer Tracking

Flamingo7 internet cafe software helps you seamlessly track and take desirable actions regarding users' printing procedures. You can monitor which files and how many copies does a customer prints out. You can charge a variety of different ways regarding the compies. It can be cheaper for only black images or files and a slightly higher price for the colored copies. At the end of the session, you can add the amount up to the regular bill of the internet use and get the final price that the customer had to pay.

Using the different tools that our internet cafe software provides, you can change the pricing methods and filter them according to the number of pages, color use, size of the copy, etc. We created a platform that allows customers to print their files without approaching the main desk. They would be able to use those services from their seat and get the files from server printers as soon as they are ready. It is a time-efficient and hassle-free way of approaching the tasks, and you can acquire it by partnering with Flamingo7.

Multifunctional POS Module

We offer you the high quality and multifunctional point of sale module that will help you handle customer purchases efficiently. By utilizing the integrated Flamingo7 internet cafe software POS, you will manage to charge for flash disks, CDs, or foods and beverages. By doing so, your customers will have easy access to their specific needs while using the terminals. You will sell additional products that will increase the profitability margin of the business.

Bandwidth Control

One of the major tools you need to run an effective internet cafe platform is to have reliable bandwidth control. Our bandwidth control tool can be integrated easily into the Flamingo7 internet cafe software and help you manage your internet connection with the cyber cafe shop. Bandwidth quota can be charged in limited or unlimited packages for different prices. By doing so, you will make sure that the connection is stable throughout the cyber cafe, and any user does not intervene with the speed of the connection. You can set a threshold for the bandwidth quota and charge additional money for those clients who are exceeding that level.

Staff Management Tool

You can utilize our employee account management tools and control your business from wherever you want. You can create various access levels assigned according to the position, such as Administrator, Manager, Cashier, Technicians, etc. You can limit access to sensitive information that only operators will see. Besides that, you can track the records in the cyber cafe while you are at another place. While you notice some problems, you will have a chance to intervene and solve the issue right away. The type and time of the action that staff members are performing will be saved, and you will have a chance to analyze them later if you need to.

Multi-Language Support

Flamingo7 is a global brand that cares about their customers. We created a flexible internet cafe software that you can use in different parts of the world. There are over 15 other languages that you can switch to and use the software accordingly.

Have Access to The Simple, Reliable, and Powerful Cyber Cafe Solutions

As Flamingo7, we pride ourselves on having a loyal client-customer relationship, and we are ready to settle down any issue that you might face while using our software model. If you want to get more information about the products and services, you can contact directly via phone, email, or write messages to us.

Why Choose Us?

Internet cafes who are specializing in offering only internet access are not really concerned about high-end client computers. However, they do need to have variety and quality over the products that they offer. With Flamingo7 internet cafe software, you will have a chance to offer multiple internet browsers for the clients to choose from. You will offer numerous internet browsers such as Netscape, Opera, Firefox, and others in your internet cafe so that users can select whichever one is convenient for them to use. In addition to this, we enable you to add frequently used software models such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and the search engines, including Google, Bing, Yandex, add so on.


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