How Do Real Time Gaming Casinos Compare to Other Casinos?

Now you have a broad idea of what real-time gaming casinos are. It is time to compare them to other casinos in the industry, surely to the worthy ones.

There is no doubt that casinos have become one of the primary entertainment means in the past few decades. And obviously, relevant people in the sector would have to react to this demand in a rational way, by offering different types of casinos. One of those casinos is real-time gaming casinos.

I should say that these casinos are one of the best online casino games in the gambling industry. They have specific features typical to themselves. But how do real-time gaming casinos compare to other casinos in the gambling market? Which casinos should you prefer to buy? To answer these questions, go ahead and get familiar with the article.

The History of Real-Time Gaming Casinos

Real-time Gaming is a company that creates download-based gambling systems. In fact, it is not very new. The company was established in 1998, in the city of Georgia. Yet, if we compare it to the traditional brick and mortar casinos, we can conclude that it is quite modern. 

Although originally established in the US, in 2008, its development was transferred to Costa Rica. 

A company called Hastings International acquired Real-time Gaming in 2007. Note that Hastings International was a part of the conglomerate HBM Group.

The Case of Caribbean 21

Arguably the most crucial case related to the name of Real-time Gaming is about Caribbean 21. A player won around 1.3 million dollars from a deposit of only 1,000 US dollars. The reason why it is remembered as Caribbean 21 is that the player was playing the game of the Caribbean 21. It is worth mentioning that the same person won an amount of almost $100,000 the same year. 

Despite all these winning amounts, Real-time Gaming company blamed the player for cheating. According to them, the player has leveraged an automated playing system, which is a kind of robot. That is why the company did not intend to make payments to the player. 

Regarding the case, the interesting nuance was that Caribbean 21 had a tiny casino advantage, the casino must have kept the edge. This signified that a piece of very good luck would be able to beat the edge, and that is how it resulted. 

Coming back to the case, the nuts and bolts of this story were never announced later on. So we did not know whether the player got paid or not. 

Features of Real Time Gaming Casinos

Exciting Graphics and Design

real time gaming casinos

One of the first things about real-time gaming casinos that will draw your attention is their interface, graphics, and design. The interface of these online casinos is really smooth. That means players are surely going to have nice gaming experience. On top of that, the graphics or the sites make players fall in love with the casinos. 

In general, as an operator, you have two options to choose from regarding the interface matter. First, you can choose a design offered by Real-time Gaming, which would then be customized by the art team of the company. Second, you can generate your own player experience leveraging the custom tool kit provided by the company. So, flexibility is also there to support you.

Unique Software

The major difference in Real-time Gaming is related to its software. Here, players are able to download the casino software to their computers and play games there. Likewise, there is an instant play mode. Here, players would have to go to the website to enjoy the slot machines. Note that players access all features only through downloading the software. 

Attractive Gameplay

The gameplay is one of the aspects of Real-time Gaming casinos which they confidently praise. By downloading the software, players access pretty speedy gameplay. In other words, no issues of freezing can be observed. The possibility of playing several games at the same time is another huge plus. So, players can open different games on different tabs. Also, they will be able to adjust the audio and gameplay parameters. I do not think someone would be unhappy with these features.

Huge Number of Game Options

Another significant advantage of real-time gaming casinos is the selection of games they offer. With a whopping 300+ games, they know how to satisfy players. Casino operators would have a nice opportunity of attracting players thanks to these multiplayer fish games. As an operator, you would also be able to offer progressive jackpots to the players. This would surely make your casino more enticing and would draw many more people. In a nutshell, the huge range of slot games offered by Real-time Gaming is one of their main assets in the sector.

Mobile Version

The last feature that I would like to talk about is the possibility of playing games on mobiles. The company claims that its mobile gambling offerings are one of the best in the industry. I would not deny this idea. Players have full access on mobile devices to all the features they have on computers. It means targeting customers who are unable to connect to play the games on their computers for a reason or another. In other words, this feature makes both players and operators better off. So, when deciding to get the software, you can take into account this feature, as well. 

Flamingo7 – The Unknown Casino King

Now you have a broad idea of what real-time gaming casinos are. It is time to compare them to other casinos in the industry, surely to the worthy ones. I can make comparisons to industry leaders such as Microgaming, or NetEnt. But I will not talk about market leaders. Instead, I will go with Flaming 7’s online casino software, which is no inferior compared to them in any aspect. 

Bulletproof Security

real time gaming casinos

One of the most underrated aspects of Flamingo7 is its impassable security. The creators of the software are aware of the criticality of security. That is why they have ensured no security breach can happen, which would damage players’ trust. 

Wide Ranges of Payment Systems

Payment systems are not the most crucial factor when choosing software. Yet when several of them are available, more players will choose your casino. As you understand, flexibility will play its role.

Amazing Games

I could not forget to mention the casino slot games offered by Flamingo7. Thanks to comprehensive research in the industry, they have been able to produce games that most people love. In fact, they have included specific categories, such as nature-themed games, to attract more people. Hence, I can assure you that you would not regret getting the software of Flamingo7. 


It is clear that there are multiple options to choose from if you yearn to operate an online casino. No doubt, real-time gaming casinos are one of the authentic ones in this sense. Nevertheless, history shows that these casinos had caused controversy when players won some jackpot amounts. So, it can sometimes create disturbance both for players and operators. To ensure everything goes smoothly with your casino, I would advise you to go for Flamingo7 software. As briefed above, you will get one of the best systems in the industry by purchasing it. Hopefully, the article was useful to you. To read more of such helpful content, do not forget to check out our blog page. 

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