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As you might get from the name tag, the brand is mainly specialized in mobile slots and does not offer other types of gambling games.

In the past, we enjoyed online casino games by only going to the local gambling parlour. Times have changed to the practices of gambling players. Those days were long gone because online casino gaming now is accessible than ever. You do not need to leave the house to enjoy the best gambling games online. Instead, you can sit back in front of your computer, take your iPad or mobile device and tune in to the best casino games. With the emergence of mobile casinos, the accessibility factor is increased even more. The gambling games that are functioning in small touch screen devices such as mobile slots, save us time and help us enjoy the exciting gameplay from the comfort of our houses.

Not only that, but you can also enter mobile casino apps while walking down the street, in coffee or lunch break, and that is the best advantage that mobile casinos offer. 

Smartphone casinos increased the number of players who are enjoying gambling games. For the industry, it was a good sign, too, because as more people started to play, the worth of the online casino business started to grow. Below, we will discuss some of the most well-known mobile casino games and classify them according to the processing system they are compatible with. So, let’s start with the Android Slots. 

Android Slots

If you have an Android device, it is good news for you because many exciting casino games are compatible with your mobile phone. You can either download the app from Google Play or enter directly to a certain brand’s online gambling website to enjoy these games. The bonus system, rules, and design of android mobile slots are gorgeous. The diverse fan base of casino players wants to play interesting games, and android casino game developers create this opportunity. 

You need to create an account in that casino app to enter the gambling platform and start playing. Some of the most popular android mobile slots are treasure Nile, Major Millions, Tally Ho, Big Win, Cleopatra, Pharaoh’s Slots, and Titan. Make sure to check these games out if your device is functioning through an Android operation system. But what to do if you use another type of mobile phone? Do not worry. The gambling industry got you because, in the next paragraph, we will list out all possible choices for those of you who are using other mobile devices. 

iOS or iPhone Slots

iPhone and Android devices are getting into an immerse competition over the mobile gambling software industry. Each one has its advantage and disadvantages when it comes down to mobile slots. They improve their games by each year, and the best side in this equation is the fans who experience the most interactive casino gameplay on mobile devices. IOS slots are very popular among the people who are using these devices and are interested in gambling games.

If you own one, check out some of the greatest mobile slots that we have right now. Progressive jackpots of the iPhone slots are one of the characteristics that makes them the best. There are tons of casino games that you can access through your mobile device. Some of the notable examples are Lion’s Pride, Thunder Strike, Mega Moolah, Slots of Gold, and the Tycoon. 

HTML5 Mobile Slots

Many people have a mobile phone with its browser installed in it. For those people, there are other options, such as HTML5 mobile slots. Those players can easily access mobile casino games in a flash format without downloading any app or anything. There are a wide variety of choices regarding this matter. You can create an account in any online casinos to get the best gambling experience on your mobile phone. 

If you have an account that you are using with your computer, by writing down the credentials, you will be able to easily access the favourite games and your balance right away from the mobile device. The online Casino rules and interface are the same regardless of the device you are going to access. These games are specially developed for mobile compatibility and tested before the companies launch them. So, do not worry about that part either. Reel Rider, five-reel Drive, Couch Potato, and the Big Top are primary examples of the best HTML5 mobile slots you can find on the internet. 

Windows Slots

What about the people that fall under none of those mentioned above categories? Can they play casino games through their mobile phones? Let’s get into it. 

Some people are using Windows phones or Blackberry and want to play gambling games through their mobile devices. Many mobile slots are compatible with these phones and their respective operating system. For example, if you are a Nokia phone user, you can enjoy popular gaming titles such as Ladies Nite, Adventure Place, Alaskan Fishing, Spring Break, and Mermaids Millions. These are the best rated mobile slots for this category. If you want to see more options, check the mobile casinos for getting more variety. 

What are Mobile Casinos?

Mobile casinos are just like online casinos. The only difference is that they are fully compatible with mobile devices, and users who enjoy playing casino games from small touch screen devices are head to there. It is not the easiest task in the world to choose the mobile gambling platform that meets your needs and has the right tools and games for better performance. You need to consider a variety of aspects while looking around for a place to enjoy casino games. 

Safety, the fairness of the mobile casino app, the bonus package, and the variety of games that they offer are mainly four categories that players analyze these platforms through. Besides these, the features such as prerequisites for withdrawals, the gameplay, and the mobile quality in. And the availability of multiple payment methods plays a drastic role in defining the platform you will play in. 

Which Mobile Slots to Play? 

ThunderStruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 is the part of one of the best mobile slots series. As the original Thunderstruck became so popular, Amatic decided to build the second one available in mobile casinos all over the world. Thunderstruck 2 is a very fantastic casino slot game based on Marvel’s Famous movie: Thor. The hammer icon on the main screen would be familiar to you if you are a Marvel movie fan. The visuals and sound effects of this casino game go hand in hand with the initial theme. 

You can access this great game through both mobile casinos and apps. You will not need to download the app if you do not want to. The game is available on the browser, and it is one of the best features of this slot. The game’s quality would not be diminished because you are playing on the small screens while you play Thunderstruck 2. The reason for that is, the developers of the game design specifically for mobile use.

What Are the Bonus Opportunities for This Mobile Slot? 

Thunderstruck 2 is full of interesting bonus offers that will add another entertainment value to your gameplay. Whether it is the special bonus round, scatters, wilds, or free spins, you will get to know the real Thunder Gods’ generousness. There are four different free spin chances in this mobile slot game, which increases your chances of winning and gives you great prizes. You will get at least five and up to 25 free spin opportunities in any of the free spin chances. 

Volatility and the Jackpot

First of all, this game is considered a medium volatile online slot. For those who do not know much about the online gambling terminology, let’s quickly explain the volatility factor. The slot volatility refers to the aspect that determines how often players would win the initial prize. There are three types of slot machine games for this category. The first one is high volatility slots, the second is the medium, and the last one is low volatility slot games. High volatility slot games will pay out less often, but they will payout in great amounts and vice versa for low volatility online casino games. The greatest jackpot in this slot game is 2.6 million dollars worth. By because it is a medium volatility slot, you have a great chance to earn that money. 

Beat The Bobbies

It is one of the most entertaining casino games, and I included both desktop and mobile versions while making this argument. You need to try and see the real enjoyment that this Betsoft online slot has. The game was launched back in 2019, and since that time, mobile casinos took the chance and included this unique game into their stock. The main symbols in the game will remind you of childhood memories when you were watching Disney Cartoons. They are portrayed as Little Red Riding hood characters, and many fairy and magical symbols will blow your mind. 

The game offers a little bit of unorthodox type of bonus opportunities. There is a countdown on which spin you will perform the winning line. If you managed to get a matching line on your second try, you would get around 20 free spins and a 10-time multiplier. If you managed to get to the top on the fifth try, these values would drop to 10 and 5, respectively. Overall, this is one of the best entertaining casino slots which you will not regret playing. 

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai is one of the most exciting mobile slots that you can come across to. Chinese cultural attributes inspire the slot. The game has five reels and four rows, and it provides you with 15 paylines. The minimum bet amount for this slot is 0.5 dollars, while the highest wager amount is 15 dollars for every winning payline. The main symbols in the game are Lucky Coins, Dragons, Phoenix, and Chinese Lantern. The background of the Gong Xi Fa Cai is coloured in purple and yellow, and it is very energetic and vibrant.

Bonuses and the Jackpot 

IGT develops the game, and it is fair enough to say that you need to expect some great bonus offers just only because of that reason. The difference between this mobile slot and others is about the multipliers. The game allows you to enjoy the 2x and 5x multipliers as soon as you line up at least three exact symbols on the reels. You can enjoy this amazing game from both Android and iOS mobile phones effortlessly.

Where Can You Play Mobile Casino Slots?

All slots Casino

Even though you are not really into the gambling world, you may have heard about this platform. When it comes to mobile gambling as a whole, this provider comes to mind because they have the longest tenure in this industry. Microgaming is the casino software provider of this platform, and it started in 2007. At that time, mobile gambling was not much of a deal, but eventually, this platform’s fan base started to grow and became massive. Nowadays, there are thousands of customers who choose this platform to enjoy their mobile gambling activities. There are over 180 mobile slots that you can find in this Casino. Almost all of them are compatible with all the operational systems that your mobile device could have. 

Whether you use Blackberry, Nokia, an iPhone, or Samsung, you can still tune in to All slots Casino. As you might get from the name tag, the brand is mainly specialized in mobile slots and does not offer other types of gambling games. Microgaming specially builds their casino games, which are fully compatible with small touch screen devices. There are two types of bonus programs that you can get by entering this platform.

The first one is the registration bonus, which comes as no deposit. With that bonus opportunity, players are granted a total of 200 credits to start the games. Besides that, Microgaming developed a cashback bonus offer, which helps this platform to encourage loyal customers to enjoy their services. With this cashback bonus, you can get as much as 10 per cent of the deposited amount on any given mobile slot that you chose to play. 

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino is another brand that operates under casino software brand Microgaming. They are loaded with mobile slots that have a variety of themes and storylines. Most of the games by this platform feel the same if not better than regular online casino games. Their casino games are profitable and have an average of 97 percent return to player Rate. There is a wide selection of casino games that you can play in the Royal Vegas Casino. 

Unlike the first example, you can play the game types like Blackjack, live poker, baccarat, keno, and craps and the mesmerizing online video slots that this platform offers. There are great bonuses and promotions offers by Royal Vegas Casino that you should not miss. This platform offers various bonus packages in exchange for cash. By registering to Royal Casino and putting at least 1000 euros to your account, you can get the best bonus packages available on the platform. The welcome package of this casino platform will grant you 15 free spin chances and 350 credits to start. 

Drake Casino

Drake Casino is comparably the youngest platform on the list. They launched in 2016, and since that time, they did not miss a beat at all. Mobile casino games by this platform are very popular among the young gambling players. Bew generations love flashy highlights, storylines, and vibrant colours, and that is the main reason why so many of them tune in to the Drake Casino. It is a very reliable platform to enjoy the best mobile slots. 

One of the main advantages that this Casino offers to users is the limited budget plans. You can start wagering from as low as 0.3 dollars in the mobile slots that this provider has. It is not surprising that it took one year to develop this casino mobile gambling software for Betsoft. Once you enter the 3D casino slot machines, you will immediately see the difference between an average and a decent casino game. All the games on this platform are designed for mobile use and compatible with both Android and iOS. 

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