Cops and Donuts Slots Online: Analysis of the Game

Cops and donuts slots online are a very entertaining and exciting internet casino game that you can try on internet casino platforms.

There are several slot games that we like to play daily. Some players stick to the classics and enjoy three-reel fruit slots. On the other hand, others try out modern video slots with multiple reels. It is all fun if you are satisfied with the results that you are getting from that game. Today, we decided to review one of the most entertaining casino games of all time. And that is the cops and donuts slots online. This article will review the game’s best features, analyze its storyline, and give our unbiased opinion-whether or not. You need to try this one out. Without further ado, let’s start by talking about the idea behind this storyline. 

Overview of the Cops and Donuts Slots Online

It is a fascinating and entertaining casino game that players would definitely enjoy. The story of the cops and donuts casino game is inspired by stereotypes that are indicating that police officer like eating donuts. In reality, those stereotypes were created back in the 1950s. At that time, police officers working night shifts did not have many snacks or food options at night. The only place they could have found any food was donut shops. It is not like they all loved the taste of donut, but the circumstances created this notion as a result. Over the years, there have been many jokes on TV shows, movies, and other entertainment platforms about this strange relationship between two not so relative notion. 

So, International Gaming Technology decided to develop a casino slot game about these two. Fortunately, it came out as one of the most entertaining storylines that we had in online casinos at that moment. It is fair to say that this game and storyline might not make all the cops out there happy. However, it will definitely make your players happy because of the interactive gameplay and high payout capacity. What are the other great features of the cops and donuts slot machine? If you want to learn more, check out the next passages where we are going to analyze the cops and donuts slots online, its bonus features, and the best qualities one by one. 

Details about Cops and Donuts Slot Machine App

Cops and Donuts Slots Online

As we already mentioned, Cops and donuts slots online are a very entertaining and exciting internet casino game that you can try on internet casino platforms. There are a few details that you need to know about this online slot before entering the game. In this passage, we are going to cover them one by one. The game has a classic feel to it meaning that it does not have flashy animations or high-quality video effects during the different levels. So, if you are fond of modern casino slots with multi-reel and offers video game type of graphics, this game does not have those qualities, and IGT stuck to the basics while developing it. 

However, you do not need to have those types of graphics to have fun and earn money while playing online gambling games. All you need to do is to find a slot machine with interactive gameplay and an interesting story. Fortunately, we have that one with the cops and donuts slots online. For the people who love playing classic slots, this one will be an upgrade from boring three-reel fruits slot machines. There are five reels and three rows in this amazing online casino slot machine game. In addition to that, you will have twenty winning paylines on which you would be able to deposit from 0.20 dollars up to 20 dollars. 

Keep in mind that the paylines of this game are fixed. That means, by any means, players cannot change the number of active paylines during or at the end of each session. One of the major perks of this game is the flexibility. Although you cannot change the number of paylines, you can actually choose the value of denominations while selecting this game as a go-to option. 

Symbols and Gameplay of the Cops and Donuts Slots Online

There are a variety of entertaining symbols that you can find in this river slots machine game. Some of them are male and female cops, colorful donuts, coffee cups, sweets, etc. A winning combination in this game is considered lining up at least three identical symbols from left to right. Handcuffs and police badges are two of the most powerful symbols in this slots machine game. Handcuffs are scatters while the badge symbols are wild. By utilizing at least three badge symbols on the line, you can achieve multipliers. A police badge can work as a substitution for all the other symbols in the game except scatter.

Promotions in the Online Slot Machine

One of the best sides of cops and donuts slots online is the variety of bonus packages it offers to the players. If you cannot make a winning combination in the game, do not worry because you can achieve desirable results by utilizing the bonus offers. Every bonus round in this game is related to the overall storyline, making it even more entertaining from the player standpoint. 

Different types of Bonus Rounds

Most players who enter this game find these bonus rounds very hilarious. One of them is the speed trap bonus. In this bonus round, you will see a speed limit sign on the fifth reel. Once the image appears, you need to know that the bonus round starts. After seeing the sign, you will hear the sound of cops and donuts TV shows in the background, and a police officer would pull you over for a speed test. After he reaches your car, you need to choose an excuse from the catalog that shows why you are exceeding the speed limit. 

Each time you choose any of the excuses, you would get a prize until it counts to three. It would be best if you were lucky enough to choose the ones that have the highest value in terms of the prize. If you can convince the police officers with your excuses for driving fast, he will offer you a donut, which will ultimately double the number of winnings. 

Donuts Eating Bonus 

Cops and Donuts Slots Online

If you manage to line up at least three fresh donuts on the lines regardless of the order, you will go directly into the donut eating bonus round. In this round, you will bring the police officer to the donut shop to please him for not arresting you. As we already talked about the stereotype, police officers love the donut. So, in this challenge, your main goal is to choose the one that cop will like. You will choose any donut in the shop, and if the cop likes its taste, you will earn extra credits for that immediately. Overall, cops and donuts slots online is a unique game with lots of cool features and cash prizes. So, if you like slots with interactive themes and effective bonus offers, this is the one that you need to try. 

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