Classic Slot Machine That Pays Out Big Time

While having neon colors and patterns in the design, the game is also packed with classic slot machine features and symbols.

There are a lot of gambling titles that you can find and enjoy on online casino platforms. Some of them are chance-based, while others can utilize skills and strategies to get better outcomes. One of the most popular chance-based casino game genres is online slot machines. Slots have a long history in the industry that dates back to the 19th century. First, they were mainly mechanics and three-reel slots that did not have any special effect or feature. At that time, when the classic slot machine was placed in bars and hotel halls, it was designed for females who were having fun while their peers drink or enjoy so-called “real casino games.” 

As time goes by, those classic slot machine titles were replaced by modern video slots that attracted the male audience and everyone interested in online casino gaming. This article will discuss the differences and similarities between classic slots and modern video slots to find out which is the most optimal choice for the modern gambling audience. Without further ado, let’s break down the case and explore the top classic slot machine titles you can find on today’s online casino websites


777 is among the top slot machines that you can find in the classic genre. If you are an old-school guy who likes to reminiscence the memories from the land-based classic slots, then this title will absolutely worth your time and money. There are no external distractions in this casino game, and it is very solid, like every classic slot that you can find. There would not be any free spins or bonus rounds or flashy design, animations that can take your attention from the main subject. If you are a player that enjoys video game-like graphics in slot machines, this title is not the perfect choice for you. The theme of the game is considered vintage Vegas. Real-Time Gaming developed this casino slot back in 2008. 

It is one of the three-reel classic slot machine games where you can find progressive jackpots. The game’s main symbols are classics such as lucky seven, the bar, and numbers including nine, ten, and eleven. The payout rate of this slot machine is very high or this genre. In fact, 777 provides you with an RTP of 97 percent. As Real-time Gaming powers many local and international online casinos, you would not have a hard time while searching for this amazing casino slot machine game on those platforms. 

Total Overdrive

Classic Slot Machine

Total Overdrive is another classic slot that has thousands of fans from all over the world. This one deserved to be on the best classic slot titles list with its neon theme and unorthodox design patterns. Betsoft developed this casino slot game back in 2011. This game is one of those titles that incorporate modern graphics with the traditional layout. While having neon colors and patterns in the design, the game is also packed with classic slot machine features and symbols. 

The modern features of the video slots, such as wild symbols and multipliers, are new additions to the game. 

Though, besides these two, the originality of the classic slots remains the same. There are three reels and three rows in this slot machine. The number of paylines in the game is five. It is hard for modern online slot players to adjust to the minimalist style that classic slots offer. However, once you try them, you will definitely enjoy the experience. Some of the most popular classic symbols such as cherries, bars, lucky seven, and eggplant are the game’s main symbols. 

Although the limited number of paylines and lower reels can frustrate you, do not worry because this slot machine’s actual payout rate is really high. The Return to Player Percentage of the Total Overdrive is 97 percent. After consecutive spins where you performed with the max bet feature, you will see that the multipliers start to show up and help you to win even more. You can find this casino slot machine game on several online gambling platforms. So, if the classic slot with a bunch of neon lights and modern graphics catches your interest, do not lose any more time and tune in to the Total Overdrive. 

Cosmic Cat

Although the slot machine title’s name would create ideas about the modern casino slots, in reality, Cosmic Cat is one of the best classic slot machines that you can find on the web. The game was developed by Microgaming back in 2009. As you might guess from the title, the game’s theme is about space cats and different breeds of them. The initial design of the game and theme is very catchy. However, it has only one payline and three reels. The classic layout and modern graphics create a strange balance in this slot machine game. 

The game’s main symbols are mice, various cosmic cats, and the traditional lucky seven icons. The game has only one modern feature, which is the wild symbol. The wild in the game is described as one of those cosmic cats. 

By lining up three of them on the whole reel, you can achieve multipliers in the slot machine game. The multiplier feature will help you to earn five times the initial deposit on that one payline. The game is available on many platforms, and you can access it through different operating systems on your smartphones or desktop computers. 

The Return ton Player percentage for the cosmic cat is 96.55 percent. It is considered an above-average payout. If we consider the number of reels and payline in the game, it can really help you earn great rewards and set yourself up for success. If you are interested in colorful space designs with ultimate payouts, then this is the slot machine you are looking for. 

Fruit Zen

Classic Slot Machine

Fruit Zen is one of those classic online casino games that you can try. As you might guess from the title, it is a prime example of the classic fruit slot machine games. Betsoft developed Fruit Zen back in 2015. As soon as the game hit the market, it attracted many online casino slot lovers with its simplistic approach to gambling and high payout rates. Whenever you are searching for a fun game that is simple to play and straightforward, you can always rely on this slot machine game. The interesting side about this casino game is that it features slightly more reels and paylines than usual classic slots. 

There are four reels and four rows in this slot machine. In addition to that, you will have eight fixed paylines. You can bet from 0.5 dollars up to 10 dollars on each of those paylines. The main symbols in the game are fruits. For instance, you will see apples, peaches, bananas, cherries, and lemons as soon as you start this classic slot machine game. The return to player percentage for the game is 97.7 percent. Imagine a slot with a house edge of less than three percent. It gives a lot of opportunities at the biggest prizes in classic slot machines. 

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