Casino Games For Sale: How to Classify the Slot Machines?

The advantage of these types of casino games for sale is that it gives players an extra edge on defining their chances of winning.

Slot machine games are one of the favorites of dedicated online gambling players. There are a variety of options when it comes to these games. No matter your experience level in certain types of games or area of interest, you can still find casino games for sale that fit you well. You can get hours of enjoyment while playing casino slots and have an opportunity at a respectable payday. The following paragraph aims to cover the most common types of online slot machine games and help you to get more information about them. Let’s start!

Multi-Coin Slot Machine Games

The multi-coin slot machine games gained massive popularity in Australia and then came to the US market. The advantage of these types of casino games for sale is that it gives players an extra edge on defining their chances of winning. In these games, you can choose how many paylines you would like to play and how many coins you would like to put on each payline that you play. What is the winning strategy for multi-line slots? Experienced players generally state that it is better to put a coin on every payline. So, to play all of them at the same time to get an advantage. 

Why? By doing so, players will avoid missing out on a potentially winning combination. Our tip for players is that you need to check the paytable before you put the money on any pay line. In some of the casino games for sale, it is stated in the paytable that bonuses are only activated whenever a player plays the maximum amount of coins on any line. That is why you need to check it before pushing the start button.        

Multi-Line Casino Games for Sale

As you can see above, we discussed multi-coin slot machine games and their advantages. Since brick and mortar days, North Carolina casinos offered these games, and then they switched to online platforms. There are many advantages to this type of slot though there are drawbacks too. In these slots, players are allowed to put only one coin for each line if they decide to play them all at the same time. That gives you more chances. Though, some players like to risk it all on the same turn and get excited from that. So, this type of slot is not appealing to them. 

Multi Screen Casino Games for Sale

Multi screen or split screen slots are one of the recent additions to online gambling industry. Players love this feature so much because it allows them to earn more. But how? The multi screen slots allows you to play on more than one casino game at the same time. The great side about is that all the games are collected into one screen and you can easily follow them as you play. If you lose on one game, you will have a chance to compensate that loss with other games.

Buy A Pay

This type of slot is fascinating to play. Each additional deposited coin unlocks another winning combination in Buy a Pay slot machine game. Think like this, assuming that each winning combination positively impacts the hit frequency of the casino games for sale; it is a very effective way of playing slot machines. The difference between the payback percentage can go from 84 percent to 100 percent by doing so. Because of that, most of the experienced players recommend using the maximum number of coins while playing this type of slot game. 

Hidden Buy A Pay Slot Game

casino games for sale

It is like a normal buy a pay slot machine game though there are some distinctive features. The name of these types of slots was first created by casino game guru- John Robbinson. He classified it hidden buy a pay because, in these slots, players do not have any idea when they will get to the bonus round or when the RTP rate will increase. While playing hidden buy a pay casino games for sale, you need to play the highest coin number of all the paylines that are possible. To spot these games, you can examine the paytable and try various variations while playing. 

Straight Multipliers Slot Machine Games

This type of slot machine game allows players to risk it all and play all the winning combinations by just paying only one coin. In these games, multipliers play a considerable role and define the winner. For example, a player puts one coin, and the other four coins are serving to increase the winning multiplier of the game. That means putting only four coins; the player would have a chance to get back the quadruple of the price. 

Progressive Slot Machines

The progressiveness of the slots is one of the characteristics that made slot machine business for sale so famous because of the highest earned prizes. The jackpots of these games are what makes them exciting to play. In this type of slot, the initial amount is collected through every player’s wager. The small percentage of the bet goes to the jackpot whenever a player plays the progressive slot machine. Whenever some player earns the jackpot by lining the winning combination, progressive slot machine resets itself and starts over. “lucky” players should play these types of games because you never know the result. Progressive slots are for the ones who want to be millionaires instantly. If you think that you are lucky enough to get to the top in progressive slots, do not lose any time and start playing. 

Combination Slots

These are the slot machine games that combine various types that are mentioned above in one game. The variations can include:

  • Multiplier + Buy a Pay
  • Multi-line paytable + Hidden Buy a Pay

Whenever you see a slot game that has these features, you always need to check the paytable options or do online research to make sure what you are playing and prepare accordingly. Most of the time, experts recommend players to risk enough money so that they can activate all the paytable and bonus rounds in the same round. Amateur players think that all the online casino games for sale are the same because they look the same. 

Though there is a great deal of diversity that you can find while exploring online slots, what are those differences? As we already mentioned before, every game requires various options for getting to the top and earning the casino bonuses and rewards. While some games require you to play only one coin for every payline, others require you to put the maximum amount of paylines to have a chance to win the jackpot. 

Number of Reels in Casino Games for Sale

casino games for sale

Besides winning, there are other differences that you need to know about slot machines. For instance, according to the number of reels, we have:

  • classic: three-reel or five-reel slots
  • modern: multi-reel slot machine games.

Payout Rates

Return to Player percentage or payout rate is a percentage of whole deposited amount that players would earn from the games in the long run. For different games the RTP can vary. For instance, while the skill based games such as table card games are offering higher RTPs, chance based games usually has lower ones in comparison. According to the payout rates we can classify slot machine games as :

  • Hot  
  • Cold 

Payout Frequency

According to the payout frequency of the slot machine games, they are classified as:

  • Loose
  • Medium
  • Tight

Final Thoughts on Casino Games For Sale

Slot Machine business for sale is one of the favorites of entrepreneurs. The reason for that is the productivity and high demand by players. All over the world, there are thousands of players who like to enjoy casino games for sale, especially the slots. Casino slots may seem primitive from the first sight. Though, as you can see, there are a lot more that you need to know about them than just pushing the spin button. Slot machines have various rules, variations, and winning surprising combinations. If you know which type of variations slot machines have, it would be a lot easier for you to choose the right one that fits your budget and gaming preferences. 

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