Casino Games for Sale: Guide to Five-Reel Slot Machines

In five-reel online gambling slots collection, users can find multiple casino games for sale both for the experienced players and newbies.

Online slots are among the gambling games that have the lowest inhibitive rules, however, challenging to violate. Based on the number of reels used in slot machines, online gambling slots can be three-reel, five-reel, six-reel, and seven-reel. By far, the most renowned of all online video slots, the five-reel slot machines. They draw the attention of a lot of gamblers because of their very quirky and engaging themes, multiple bonuses, and catchy mini-games. Therefore, all owners put a big priority on obtaining and offer mostly five-reels slots when dealing with casino games for sale. Outstanding themes of five-reels slots vary from classic film topics to modern topics such as space. 

Significance of Five-Reel Slot Machines in Today’s Gambling

Online slot machines have enormously evolved over the past years. Today they are ever more capable in all areas of the gambling industry. Five reel gambling slots are the most widespread type of casino slot machines. This type of online slots makes gambling more miscellaneous and enjoyable. With delightful short opening films, various atmospheres, and compelling animations throughout the game, today’s five-reel online slots are different than the old three-reel gambling machines of past days. 

Casino Games for Sale: Topmost Features of 5-reel Slots

As we mentioned above, five-reel slots contain the most stirring bonuses, quaint themes, and mini-games that are easily accessible today. All these advanced qualities make them stand out among other types of online casino games for sale. It is very essential for casino brands to produce games that are flexible and can attract modern customers. In the age of video games, it is hard to compete in this industry, if all you have is boring three reel slot machines. Variety and creative approach towards gambling games is what makes some brands stand out when it comes to developing online casino games. In the next few paragraphs we will cover some of the best advantages that you can find in modern multi reel slots.

More Paylines, More Possibilities for Winning 

As the name implies, five-reel casino slots add extra two reels to the classic three-reel slot machines. More rows that were added allows the gamers to hit more paylines. Therefore, these types of gambling slots, most of the time, offer a massive number of paylines. Adding a large number of paylines broadens the scope of winnings, provides lots of flexibility, and allows to make slot games more lively. 

However, Not all five-reel slot machines are built the same way. Therefore, while there are more available paylines to win, the overall payouts can be little. Some slot games may offer a higher frequency of top-paying icons than other ones. This situation usually reflects the inequality between the lowest and highest payouts. To be more specific, if a slot machine has very small prizes, usually, there is a chance that the casino game is laden with low-paying symbols. Therefore, it is crucial to look over the paytable before starting to play. 

Multiple Symbols

casino games for sale

As classic slot machines were too simple and they included the limited gaming features, they were not the first choice for the players. However, when the five-reel video slots pop up to the gambling area, everything has changed. Various bonus rounds, unique and beautiful effects, and improved features put 5-reels slot games top list of every casino. 

It is common to strike leastways one bonus feature in a five-reel video slot game. A wild icon which replaces all other regular symbols in the slot game is a common feature of most five-reel games. Gamers will also find at least one additional, secondary bonus, like an instant-win feature or free spins. 

Because of these up-to-date online casino games now, players get not only the scatter and wild symbols but also other features. These features include the Expanding Wilds, the Stacked Wilds, the Wheel of Fortune, and individual unique features added by their developers.

Sophisticated Graphics

Another reason that these certain variations of online slots reached to the top of the pile, is that they feature high-quality, advanced graphics and occasionally, short video packages. Putting it openly, five-reel slots have better capabilities when it comes to their likable design than three-reel casino games for sale generally offer. 

As modern technologies give more space for high-quality graphics and well-chosen sound effects, most of the five-reel slot games are created in 3D slots or video slots versions. Some of the most wanted five-reel video slot casino games for sale such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, (NetEnt), Captain America, Gladiator (Playtech) feature vibrant graphics, intriguing gameplay, and lifelike animations. 

Starting a five-reel slot machine may seem pretty daunting at first glance, if you used to play games only with three reels. However, there is nothing to worry about. Once users browse around the user-friendly interface for a few minutes, they start to hang off easily, and keep enjoying the game. 

Top-tier Exciting 5-reel Slots of All Time:

  1. Gladiator Video Slot Machine
  2. King Kong Video Slot Machine

Gladiator Video Slot Game

Gladiator is a remarkable video slot with five reels and twenty-five paylines by Playtech software developer. The storyline of the game is based on the famous movie Gladiator. Before starting the game, you have to adjust the number of active paylines and the value of the coins.

The symbols of the video slot game reflect the movie perfectly. The Coliseum Symbol is the scatter, and the Gladiator Helmet is the wild icon of the slot game. The slot game has two bonuses: The Coliseum bonus and Gladiator bonus. When you receive, at least three scatters, the bonus game starts. You have to pick stones to find out the rewards for free games. In the Gladiator bonus game, you will receive cash as a reward when you choose some symbols. The return to player rate of the Gladiator slot machine is 94.1 %. 

King Kong Online Slot Game

casino games for sale

Have you ever seen the most popular movie of King Kong made in 2005 by Peter Jackson? If the answer is yes, then you should try the video slot version of the film carrying the same name. King Kong (Playtech) is an online slot machine with twenty paylines and five reels. There are lots of features that this casino game has to offer to its gamblers.

Before starting the adventure, players have to choose one of the modes: the big city and the jungle mode. In every one of these modes, the symbols switch visually, yet the paytable stays the same. There are various modes, features into King Kong video slot game:

  • Skull Island Bonus
  • Wild Jungle respins
  • Wild Kong respins
  • and the City Tower Bonus.

For two dissimilar playing modes, there are two different free spins and bonus games. While playing, gamers can move many times from one mode to another. On the whole, King Kong is a unique video slot game packed full of perfect features. The return to player percentage of the video slot is 95.5 %.


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Final Thoughts 

Luckily, in five-reel online gambling slots collection, users can find multiple online casino games for sale both for the experienced players and newbies. While playing these exciting five-reel online slot machines, they will take an enjoyable trip to Ancient Asia or Egypt, meet their rich culture, wild animals, and walk around the prominent historical places with just a few clicks. They will also get acquainted with numerous famous movie characters of all time. 

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