Cash Back Bonus

Get VIP treatment with lucrative cashback bonuses at Flamingo7. Stand to recover a higher % of money lost back with endless opportunities to win bigger each time you play.

What Makes Flamingo 7 Cashback Awesome

What Makes Flamingo 7 Cashback Awesome

Cashback bonuses are a great way to insure against gambling losses. The bonus gives players the opportunity to recover some of the money lost Over a specific period of time. This bonus is determined by a certain percentage of losses incurred, and players get money back in the form of real money or virtual coins. At Flamingo 7, cashback bonuses can go up to 15%.

How to choose a cashback bonus?

We give options to maximize your cashback bonus.


Betting Frequency

Choose your betting frequency


Wagering Requirements

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Choose Game

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How does it Work

We ensure that you will get your cashback bonus within forty-eight hours after you’ve won it. Over a period of time (week/month), you get a certain percentage of your initial bets for the casino and casino game. Most of the online casino offer cash back bonuses as real money to the VIP members. Though Flamingo7 makes it available for all the players who registered at our online casino. So, do not lose any time, come, play, and claim your bonuses at Flamingo7.

How does it Work

Why should you Claim Your Cash back Bonus?

Although every player has the choice when it comes to casino bonuses, it is recommended to opt in to the cash back bonus of Flamingo7. Some players think that the types of bonuses are not suitable to their gaming style, but before making a judgment, look at the advantages that we designed for you. High rollers are more than welcome to try and enjoy our cashback bonus offer because it will give them additional chances to win big. Besides, our cash back bonus can help players beat the odds in the following rounds. If you played slots and had an unlucky streak, the cashback bonus can play an insurance role for your customers. So, the cashback bonus is a reliable backup plan that can be used in a variety of ways.

How often can players use the cashback bonus?

We have a variety of options when it comes to the schedule of cash back bonuses. We included both types of casino players while designing this offer. So, players like to play from time to time while others are taking daily doses of online gambling. In either case, our cash back bonus comes in both daily and weekly packages. Players can control bankroll and utilize the gaming plan according to the available cash back bonus packages by Flamingo7.

Are there any limitations?

Just like the timely rates of our cashback bonus, we also offer various packages regarding the percentage of the cash back. You can either use a high percentage or low percentage offers. In a high percentage cashback offer, we put the threshold to $20, which ensures a 100 percent cashback. If it is too much for you, you can also use the low percentage cashback offer, which enables you to get 50 percent of the deposits back by wagering only $5. Flamingo7 casino software cash back bonus is providing players with a chance to recover some percentage of the losses, which ultimately gives them more incentive to play the most favorite casino slots of your platform.

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