Best Online Sweepstakes That Offers Exciting Features

It is one of the issues that concerns players. We do not know how and where to find the best online sweepstakes.

Online casino games are very entertaining to play for us as fans, so we like to play them. There are a variety of titles that we can find on online gambling platforms. It is one of the issues that concerns players. We do not know how and where to find the best online sweepstakes. To find them, players check out review sites and online forums to see experienced players’ reactions. This article will discuss some of the best examples from the best online sweepstakes games for real money. If you are ready, we can start with the first one. 

Best Online Sweepstakes – Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants is the first game that we will discuss on the list of the best online sweepstakes games. We can include many titles in this list. However, with its colorful design and innovative characteristics, this spot should be given to Pink Elephants. Thunderkick Games worked hard for the best few years while establishing themselves as one of the prolific online casino slot developers in the market. They manage to take the crown with the exceptionally successful online gambling title releases just like this one. Pink Elephants came into the industry in 2018, and since the initial release, the game gets positive feedback from modern video slot players. The game got surprisingly popular in the last two years, which is not a coincidence at all. 

You can enjoy many features while you tune in to Pink Elephants. That is what we are going to discuss in this passage. First of all, it is a slot machine that offers five reels and four rows. In addition to that, you can win the game as many as 4096 different ways. With a medium to high volatility that this river slot casino game provides us with, players will have a chance to take 820.000 dollars worth of jackpot. The potential of winning is high, and as the stakes are higher, the risk factor increases rapidly. The experience would not be as stressful as you might think because of the fun and decorative interface that Pink Elephants offers. 

Interface, Symbols, and Bonus Round in the Best Online Sweepstakes- Pink Elephants 

Best Online Sweepstakes

The game’s background is not fixed, and according to the gameplay round that you are in, it is changing. You can see the dark and light tones behind the screen. Many colorful and vibrant symbols are combined perfectly to fit the narrative and storyline of the online casino slot machine game on the main screen. In addition to the pink elephant, which is the wild symbol of the game, there are other valuable symbols such as pumpkin, the dragon egg, etc. Besides these high-value symbols, there will be secondary ones. For example, letters and numbers such as A, J, Q, 10, 7 are just some of them. By utilizing these available symbols, you can trigger some of the most prestigious features of the game. 

For instance, the three wild symbol combination can trigger random multipliers, which will ultimately multiply your prize by 5 to 10 times. The Return to Player Rate of the Game is 96.1 percent. As you can see, the house edge is slightly below the 4 percent mark. That makes us even more exciting. Because we are not used to seeing such high payout rates and low house edge percentages in a progressive slot machine that offers a massive jackpot like Pink Elephants. Through the availability of

  • 20 free spin chances
  • and expanding wild symbol features

you will get a realistic shot at those prizes while playing Pink Elephants. If you are an online casino player who likes playing the best online sweepstakes for real cash, this game should be on your radar while moving around in online casino platforms. 

Best Online Sweepstakes – Hot As Hades

Hot As Hades is among the top online casino games in the gambling industry. That is why we decided to continue the list of the best online sweepstakes with this title. The game is developed and launched by Microgaming. If you are constantly playing casino games, you should know that Microgaming is one of the best providers in terms of quality when it comes to this type of slot machine. The game comes with five reels and three rows. However, do not let the classic slot machine layout fool you because Hot As Hades is packed with creative features. We will discuss those later but for now, let’s analyze the overall interface of the game. 

The overall look of the game is fascinating. As the storyline is based on Greek mythology, you will see some attributes from that culture on both the main screens and on the reels. The Return to Player Rate for the game is 97 percent. Just like any other slot machine game that offers this type of RTP, it is safe to say that Hot As Hades provides you with realistic chances of winning perfect rewards. In addition to that, you will also have 20 fixed paylines in the game. That means, as a player, you would not be able to change the coordination or placement of the lines as you push the spin button to start the online video slot machine game. 

Amazing Bonus Packages That Are Available on the Hot As Hades Slot Machine Game

Best Online Sweepstakes

There are fantastic bonus opportunities that you can get by tuning in to the Hot As Hades online slot game. The Quest for Crystal Helm is among those bonuses. The level-based system that developers used in this bonus increase the excitement level to a certain degree. On every level, you will earn different rewards from the Hot As Hades online casino slot machine game. To enter the bonus round, players need first to line up at least three scatter symbols on the particular reel. Then they will get into the treasure room, where they will have a chance to choose one of the five available treasure boxes. 

On each of those boxes, there are interesting rewards that will surprise you. For getting further in the game, you need to continue getting scatter combinations on the reels to achieve the ultimate payday. With its thrilling storyline and exciting graphics, Hot As Hades will definitely impress you from first sight. As you might know, there have been many online sweepstakes games that offered Greek mythology themes. This slot is not only limited by its popular theme idea because it can get you high rewards in a few clicks. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Online Sweepstakes Slots

As you can see, there are many games available on the market. By analyzing the best features of those best online sweepstakes games, you can get to the final decision. While looking forward to finding the best games, you can also check other articles on the subject matter to get more information about other available options. 

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