Best Online Casino Games That Pay Real Cash

Whenever we talk about the online casino games that pay real money, it is hard to leave this title off the list.

We love playing online casino games for quite a few reasons. One of them is the entertainment and excitement that we get from. The other one is about the financial incentives that online casino games provide us with. There have been numerous occasions where online gambling players have become millionaires ina matter of few seconds. The intensity and driving force allow players to focus on the games and aim at the highest rewards. In this article, we will cover the best online casino games that pay real money. 

We will go over the best features of those games and share out an objective note on those games. So, if you are ready for kickoff, we can start with the first online slot for real money. 

Wild Toro

The title itself is enough for us as players to get excited about the game. The game was initially released back in 2016 by ELK Studios. Since then, it became prevalent among the young generation of online casino players. Whenever we talk about the online casino games that pay real money, it is hard to leave this title off the list. Wild Toro can provide you with the highest possible payout that you can find in the modern gambling industry. Amazing visual effects and graphics add more entertainment value and intensity to the overall gaming experience. 

There are five reels and four rows in this amazing online casino slot machine game. In addition to that, you will have 40 fixed paylines that are located almost anywhere on the reels. You can utilize those paylines in your favor and reach the top seamlessly while playing the Wild Toro online casino slot machine game. There are interesting symbols that will grab your attention from the second you start this slot machine game. Most of them are taken from Matador theme and Spanish culture. You will see the wild bull, red shining rose, golden and silver coins, and the matador himself on the reels. That is not all about the Wild Toro.

Bonuses and Promotions in the Wild Toro

online casino games that pay

As we already mentioned, these slots are among the online casino games that pay real money. The enormous jackpot and exciting bonuses are only making a case for this slot machine even better. The highest jackpot in the game is consists of 2250 times more of an actual bet. If you utilize the max bet strategy on 40 reels, imagine the rewards that you will have a chance to earn. As you can see, it is one of those games that entertain and allows you to reach your goals by offering such payout possibilities. There are many important symbols in the game that you can use to maintain a successfull bankroll. 

Some features, such as expanding wilds and walking wilds, are just some of them. The wild symbol will move towards the combination in the walking wilds feature, which lacks one symbol to become complete for a winning combo. This feature will help you to achieve great wins. Wild Toro is among the top online casino games that pay real money. Not only for that but also for exciting features, it became so popular among the gambling audience. The game is available on a variety of online casino websites. You can access it through your mobile device as well as desktop computers. 

Payout Rate for Wild Toro

ELK Studios made sure that there is no accessibility issue regarding the game and optimized it for various platforms before the initial release. The Return to player rate for this slot machine is 95.98 percent. With the house edge of less than five percent, you can guarantee great wins in the long run while playing it. Overall, it is one of the best online casino games that pay real money. So, make sure to check this one out as soon as you have spare time. 

Gonzo’s Quest

If you are an online casino fan or someone who is spending a few hours a week while playing, you have probably heard about the legendary casino slot Gonzo’s Quest. It is one of the most popular slot machine games in both land-based and online casino platforms. It would be odd not to mention this slot while listing out online casino games that pay real money. Net Entertainment developed this casino slot machine game back in 2010. The game just skyrocketed on the standings with its initial release and became very popular among the players. 

The story of the game is taken from a Spanish conquistador who was living in the 17th century. The name of that conquistador was Gonzalo Pisaro. Historical sources on the subject matter define him as the younger brother of Francisco, the conquistador who invaded the Inca Island. The game’s main theme and storyline are heavily about the conquest of southern America by Spanish sail men Gonzalo. 

You need to help him get to the right land and find the golds on this journey. The main symbols in the game are the wooden and metal masts inspired by ancient Mayan and Aztech culture. In the background, you will notice the shining sun and jungle while exploring the place’s natural habitat. The masks have different colors and shapes, and these attributes are determining the value of that symbol. For instance, the highest paying and most functional one is the blue mask, the wild symbol of the slot machine game. 

Details about the Casino Games that Pay Real Money

online casino games that pay

There are five reels and three rows in this slot machine game. You will have a chance to deposit on 20 fixed paylines. All those paylines are active, and you cannot change the shape, form, or number of them neither during nor after each gaming session. The Return to player percentage for this slot machine stands at 96 percent. It is one of those games that you can play and never get bored. Not because of the higher payout possibilities, but also because of the entertaining and interactive features. 

One of those interactive and innovative features that this game brought to the online gambling audience is cascading reels. Net Entertainment used this feature for the first time in 2011. As soon as they released it in Gonzo’s Quest, it became prevalent among the gambling players. Cascading or avalanche reels is a feature that allows you to continue the gameplay right after every winning session. It creates more opportunities for players as the number of the symbols diminishes after those winning terms. 

Besides that, there are other interesting features and casino bonus rounds that you can find very exciting in these types of online casino games that pay real money. Overall, Gonzo’s Quest is among the most exciting slot games of all time. It is not a coincidence because they earned that right through years of improvements and high-quality gameplay that they offer. 

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