An Easy Guide To Choosing Casino Software Developers

Did you know that there are more than 1,500 casino software developers which makes it easy for players to find high quality casino games?

A lot of people do not take into account the importance of software developers. But they are as crucial as online casino slots themselves. A lot has changed since the first introduction of online slots on the web. Did you know that there are more than 1,500 casino software developers worldwide? They are making it possible for players to choose from high standard casino games.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer casino slots to traditional casino games like poker. The chances are you will find what you are searching for from the thousands of online slots. All this is possible, thanks to the software developers.

 In short, what we are saying is that software developers are making online slots easy and fun to play. So you need to know which software casino developers you need to choose.

This quick and straightforward guide will help you clarify:

  1. Who the software developers are
  2. The best developers out there
  3. Key aspects to look out for when choosing a developer
  4. Why some people prefer individual software developers
  5. How good is the online casino software?
  6. Why casino software developers are important

So, if you are ready, let’s get started!

Casino Software Developers: Who They Are?

The casino software has a high impact on your gambling experience online. That is why you need to have a basic understanding of software developers. You should have explicit knowledge of who the top five software developers are, the game they offer, and what sets them apart.

When you get to know this, searching for quality online casino games will be easy for you. The casino software has progressed over the years. The reason for its improvement is because specialized gaming companies develop them.

Most casinos develop their software. It’s known as the proprietary software. But the majority of them are still using third-party software providers. Some people use only one casino software developer, while many of them use two or more. The idea is to provide players with a variety of games.

Who Are They?

Casino software providers bring the game creators and the gamblers together. Many games are multi-faceted because players, at least the modern ones, are looking for exciting graphics and high-quality sound to reel them in.

 The primary purpose of a software developer is to provide software for safe and secure games. For example, You need to be sure you are not losing your winnings due to a software crash.

If you are not clear on which game product to choose from, here are some of the best casino software providers:

 1. Microgaming

casino software developers

Microgaming has over 850 online casino slots with 1,200 different alternatives. It is the largest and top online casino software provider. They also provide you with marketing tools to promote your business. The company was established in 1994 and for over two decades, the brand managed to stay on top of the in dustry. They are specializg in building interactive casino slots and different gambling products for online casinos.

2. Playtech

Over the years, Playtech has become a trusted casino software developer. Big online casino brands are using their software all over the world. The software allows you to set time and financial limits and even prevent you from playing. Cool right?

3. Realtime Gaming

RTG has had impressive growth over the last 15 years. They provide the fastest and responsive casino slot games. It is quite challenging to get more details on RTG because you only get the details when you buy their software. But, the software proved to be the best by Hastings International.

4. Evolution Gaming

 Evolution gaming has some great features coupled with many selections of games. You can play live dealer games and stream while playing. The software supports mobile devices, both Android and iPhone. So you don’t need to worry. According to US gambling laws, US residents are not allowed to play the game.

5. Net Entertainment

NetEnt is an award-winning software in the online casino business. You can bet that their software is good. Their games are one of the best choices for players. The software’s colorful graphics and best design elements set them apart for competitors.

There are other best casino software developers in the world. Tops casino online have outlined the best ones.

6. Novomatic

Novomatic is another software developer and one of the giants in gambling industry. The company was founded by Johann Graf in 1980. The company is behind successful gaming titles such as Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Geminator Casino slot, Deluxe slot and more. It is reported that the revenue of the brand is around 5 billion per 2018. Novomatic operates in 43 countries and that number is going to increase in following years. Another fun fact about the brand is that they have around 24.000 employees from all over the world which makes the scope of the company even bigger. If you have never tried Novomatic slots, we highly recommend doing so.

What To Look Out For When Choosing Casino Software Developers

There are many ways to search for the right software provider when starting your online casino. But taking your time to select the best software provider is very important. The casino software will determine whether players stay or leave. You can have their loyalty if you choose the right software developer.

 Some of the critical factors to look out for are:

  • Excellence in their work
  • Captivating graphics
  • Licensed and secured software
  • Exceptional variety
  • RNG-approved games
  • Cross-platform titles

Are The Software Developers Fair?

In short, the software is fair, at least for the reputable ones. Most certified online casinos get tested by external companies. They make sure they are following the rules.

So if you have registered software, then you can be sure that the games are fair too. Major software providers test their software, giving you extra assurance.

The gambling industry makes millions each year. Although it’s okay, it has caused unethical people and businesses to make quick money. But there are trustworthy casino software providers you can select. So you don’t need to worry.

Why Do People Prefer Some Casino Software Developers?

casino software developers

The simple answer comes down to preference. Every casino software provider has its unique brand and style they used to create new games. They do so based on players they want to attract or what players want.

In the end, gamblers play games that give them the most excitement. So it’s only reasonable that players will prefer some software developers to others. 

2 Reasons Why Casino Software Developers Are Important

1. Playing On The Platform

The online gambling platform you are using to play the game will have a direct impact on your players:

● Can you play the game on your smartphone? How many games can it take? How many games can the Android version take?

● Can you download the casino onto your phone?

● Does the casino offer instant play if you don’t want to download it?

These are essential questions. They determine which software provider to choose. Some casino developers provide all-round casinos that can help you get most players.

2. Can You Play The Game?

Of course, you can play the game. But where you live determines whether you play or not. It may be the biggest reason that can affect your casino game or your gameplay. Microgaming is a good example. Americans are not allowed to play the game due to gambling laws.

That is why it is better to find out which gambling laws your country prohibits. If you start an online casino business, it is relevant to know what the law states.


It’s essential to repeat this: you need to take time and look into casino software providers. They affect every area of online slots. The software a casino uses affects the player’s experience, and many more.

Take the time to know the software providers out there in the gambling industry. It will save you millions and deter you from fake casino software developers. Note that you cannot depend on a casino or a software provider to prove if each is legit. An example is Playtech and Realtime Gaming. Most casinos are using their services. You’ll also find that fraudulent people are doing the same. So, in the end, only you can prove if the software or the casino is legit. Take time to do your research.

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