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We are Flamingo7 - Helping entrepreneurs start their gambling businesses since 2008.

Online Casino Software

What do We offer?

Casino games that we develop are fully functional, engaging, and very easy to understand. Therefore, both experienced and amateur players that will visit your new platform will leave it with a positive impression. We offer simple, creative, and customizable services for our customers. Flamingo7 is passionate about building stunning gambling games and providing the best user experience possible.

By providing you with the latest casino gaming titles and innovative gambling software solutions, we ensure your future casino website's long-term success. We optimize casino games to be compatible with several electronic devices, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, and different operating systems in those gadgets.

By utilizing these opportunities, you can achieve success with minimal risk and effort. It is easy to work with us because of the simple approach that we take towards gambling operations. You do not have to have in-depth IT knowledge to use our products. It is easy to install in a few minutes and ready to use. Whether you are looking forward to starting an online casino, internet cafe, or a sweepstakes parlor, Flamingo7 can help you make it happen.

Best Attributes of Flamingo7


Simplicity is the key to success, especially in an industry like this. We like to take a simple approach and turn complex tasks into an easily understandable format.


Creativity is one of this brand's strengths as we are utilizing modern technology and provide you with brand new gambling solutions that fans have never seen before.


Customization and a personal approach are significant to us. We spend enough time with the customers to understand their goals and deliver results according to their wishes. It is up to you to decide which design templates, games, and other crucial elements you would like to incorporate into your brand new casino.

Self Service

We offer self-service for those of you who have the right skill set to create their own gambling platform. By utilizing this service, you can build the platform according to your needs. Even though the tool is called self-service, we will still monitor the progress and help you with whichever aspect you had issues with. You can rely on Flamingo7 for testing, technical documentation, getting a set of scripts, free updates, and overall support on any stage of the casino website development.


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