A Simple Guide to Types of Slots Machines for Beginners

It's vital to have a good understanding of the types of slots machines. It will help you select the right casino game, which fits your style.

If you are new to the casino world, you’ll know that there are different kinds of slot machines. Even if you’ve been playing for years, you will know that there are so many types of slots machines.

You can find different kinds of slot machines on the land-based and online casinos. It’s easy to get lost and know which type to play.

So it’s vital to have a good understanding of the types of slot machines. It will help you select the right casino game, which fits your style. In the end, win or lose, it’s all about you having fun, right?

In this article, we will take a simple in-depth view of different kinds of slots machines if you’re interested in bonuses or slot payouts. Whatever you are searching for, you’ll find something worth noting here. Let’s dive in.

What is a Slot Machine?

The term “slot machine” in the old days meant an easy mechanical game of luck. It had three spinning reels, and each of them had a picture of a fruit. Classic! But the replay value did not exist, the prizes too were not much, and some taught it was a distraction.

Then we entered the modern world.

The slot machines moved online, and slot machine software innovated. It became adaptable to various styles, which became very intimidating for first-timers. You couldn’t resist. But before we get into the types of slots machines, you know what it is and how it works.

Different Types of Slots Machines

First of all, there’s a whole lot you can learn about slot machines. But you need what it is and how it works. Slot machines are top-rated games, and you don’t need much experience to play the game. 

Whether you are playing the traditional or online slot machines, all you need to do is pull a lever. In the online version, it is a click of a button that spins a series of reels that have imprinted symbols on them.

Now there is a Random Number Generator (RNG) that decides when the reels should stop spinning. It determines whether you win or lose. 

There are many online slot games in this that you’ve probably not heard. It involves online casino software price which is relevant if you want to own a gambling business. Remember that these online casino games are popular in some parts of the world, even if you’ve not heard of them.

Traditional Slots

You can say that the traditional slots are the life force of famous cities like Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Macaus. Every game has three or more spinning reels, and you win when you get a combination of symbols. The slot is a massive benefit for the owners.

They get about 70% of the revenue. The slot has different names in different countries. Examples are Pokies in Australia and fruit machines in the UK, but their essential functions are the same. Traditional slot machines generally offer classic symbols and simple designs. They are easy to learn and play. Some of them have the highest jackpots in the gambling industry to this day.

The Japanese Pachislo

types of slots machines

The name is a combination of slot machines and pachinko. You can locate these games in the Pachinko parlor and Japanese arcades. According to the Japanese laws, the game features the coin maximum, three reels, wager, and buttons to stop the spin.

There is a trick the players use to beat the game. The spinning reels stop within 0.19 seconds after you press a button. So with a few sets of skills, you can hit the game and have 200% in return. That’s crazy! The machines offer a percentage range payback of 90%.

If you are in Japan, you might want to try the Pachislo.

Video Bingo

This game has an electronic video card rather than the reels like the traditional slots. There are two popular types of games: the American and Latin bingo.

The American uses a 5×5 card and 90 balls, and the Latin uses a 3×5 card and 75 balls. In American, you can only play in Canada and the United States.

Video Poker

The video poker has five virtual cards to play with, based on a five-card draw. You then come out with the best poker hand.

The strength of the hand determines your payouts. Even though the traditional slots give the casino an upper hand, the video poker removes the house edge.

Different Types of Traditional Slot Machines

There are a wide variety of options for the types of slots machines. There is a game designed for your interest level, while at the same time giving you excitement. Online slot machine design also has a great impact on how you enjoy the game. 

The common types of slots to know are:

Progressive Slots

When you place a wager on these slots, the percentage moves up to the top prize. The jackpot starts at an amount and continues to climb up until you hit the expected symbol combination. It then resets and starts all over again.

You can make a lot of money by playing the progressives. But you need to play for maximum coin before you are eligible to play.

Bonus Multipliers

This game activates all the combinations when you place a single coin. Any additional coins increase your winnings.

There is also a bonus payout, which is on the top jackpot most times. You can activate it with maximum coins.

3D Slots

3D slosts one of the innovative types when it comes to slot machine gaming. As you may get from the title, these slots are more realistic and use three dimension technology on the interface. 3D slots are video slots that looks more like a video game. That is the main reason why, they can attract players who are not really into slot machines and want to have fun while playing.

Multi-Coin Types of Slots Machines

These types of slots machines became popular in Australia and later moved to the American market. You can choose the payline you want to play, as many as you want, including the number of coins you want to risk.

To be on the safe side, you have to play a coin on each payline. It will keep you from losing out on any winnings.


Each addition of coin added unlocked extra winning of combinations. For big wins, risk the most significant number of coins on a buy-a-pay machine.

Straight Multipliers

With this slot game, you can activate with a single coin at your own risk. Adding coins increases the chance of winning. It means three coins will triple your single coin wage; four coins will quadruple, and so on. Some experts prefer sticking with a single wager, though.

Combination Slots

types of slots machines

Combination slots combine many types of slots listed in this section. It can be a buy-a-pay and multi-progressive.

Multi-Line types of slots machines

Even though you can select the number of paylines, you can limit your wager one coin on each line.

Hidden Buy-a-Pays

John Robison gave the names of these types of slots machines. It is any feature bonus that is accessible when you play the maximum number of coins.

You can know this kind of a slot machine when you examine the paytable and max coins to activate a bonus.

Types of Slots Machines By Location

Regardless of where you play your casino slots, we categorize them according to location.

Online Types of slots machines

Without a doubt, casino slots online is a fantastic improvement. You get to play different types of casino games in your home anyway, where in the world. Many online casino games are on countless casino websites. 

Playing the casino game online is the same as playing on land-based casino machines. But the online slots are more convenient. 

The online casino software price can have an effect on how you experience the casino games. Some casino owners prefer to cut low prices to their own detriment. They later lose their players to a bad experience. 

Land-Based Casino Games

You can physically interact with these kinds of slots machines. If a reel is virtual, it is still a land-based casino game. You can locate them at hotels, and of course, in a real casino. Some even start their own gambling business at the airport. 


There is a whole lot you can learn about slots machines even further. Some of them include online casino software prices, which is essential to know.

Many types of slots machines have become popular since the 1990s. It will only keep on improving. Winning at machine games can be tricky, but if you get an idea of where your strength lies, you will earn your winnings. 

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