4 Crucial Facts About Keno Casino Games You Need To Know

Most people play keno casino games because of the higher payouts than other casino games. Take the time to research keno games before playing the game.

As you probably know, there are huge advantages of playing online casino games, including mobile casino games. One of them is the chance to try out new and exciting games without making a deposit. That means you try out the games and prepare yourself before playing the casino game for real money. That’s true when it comes to keno casino games.

Keno has become popular over the years, with numerous players playing the game everyday. And even though most people have argued that keno games come with low payouts, making it not worth playing, that has proven false. 

That’s because, in 2019, three friends won almost $6 million playing keno. But before you play the casino game, there are vital facts you need to know. It will help you be in a better position to win more. Before we get into it, let’s find out what keno casino games are.

What Are Keno Casino Games?

Playing keno is like playing the lottery, which comes with many variations. The game concept is quite simple to grasp. All you have to do is determine which numbers out of the 80 will be selected randomly. You’ll then be paid according to how many numbers you picked correctly. 

In the game, you’ll find a board numbered from one to 80. To start playing, you have to decide the amount you want to bet on, including the number of rounds you wish to enter. From there, you mark off or select from three numbers up to ten on the keno board.

After you pick your numbers, the keno selects 20 winning numbers at random for every round. Then comes the moment of truth. You’ll win or lose depending on the numbers that match the 20 winning numbers selected by the keno.

With that out of the way, let’s find out the essential keno facts that will help you in your keno game journey.

4 Vital Facts About Keno Casino Games

keno casino games

“Keno Patterns” Will Not Help You Win

If you’re new to keno games, you’ll find out soon that there’s a lot of information on keno patterns or secret methods to help you earn profits. This information ignores the fact that the keno numbers are generated by the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG makes it impossible to predict which number will show up.

You have to remember that the RNG pulls out random numbers. When playing the keno, the numbers generated have no connection to the previous games you played. And it will not have anything to do with your next games.

Understanding RNG And Keno Patterns

From a computerized viewpoint, a computer generating a random number is quite simple. But to make sure there is fair play, casino software developers invest heavily to ensure that slot machines, video poker machines, keno machines, etc. are entirely random. And they guarantee it by using different kinds of ways. 

Most online casino games with RNGs use a sophisticated algorithm to function. In terms of video keno, there are numbers from one to 80 on the “card.” However, the computer does not display any 20 numbers it sees and makes it look like it’s random. That’s not the case. 

When the casino operators turn on the keno machine, the RNG starts generating random numbers. And it’s not generating numbers from one to 80, but from one to many billions several times in each second. Whether someone is playing the game or not, the RNG is always generating numbers.

When you pull the handle or press the button, the machine signals the RNG at that millisecond and pops out the number it stopped on. 

Also, the number that the RNG generates passes through another complicated algorithm to determine what figures show on the keno screen or machine. For example, when the RNG generates a number, it may be further divided by a particular formula. It will then use the results from the formula to display the numbers.

It’s highly impossible to find a pattern in keno games. Even though there’s numerous information on keno patterns, it’s highly a correlation, not causation. That means, there are times you’ll find similarities or patterns. But it does not mean using the patterns will produce expected results.

Your Keno Winnings Are Taxable

In the United States, it’s mandatory to report a particular amount of winnings you acquire from gambling. That is, if you pay your income taxes. If you win $600 each week for a year, you’re expected to report that income. That will amount to $28,800.

However, most people don’t report their winnings because either the winnings are consistent or they make less compared to the yearly income. You can keep track of bookkeeping, but usually, when you win over $1,200, the casino will need you to fill some paperwork.

Keno Machines Are Not Rigged

Keno machines that are legally installed and operated are regulated. Internet casino games such as casino slot games, video card games, including keno games, are required to use RNGs. If you take a look inside the keno machines, you’ll notice electronic components that have chips. 

However, you cannot know if the RNGs and processors are legal. Before you choose an online casino, you need to ensure that they are legit and regulated by recognized regulatory bodies.  

If you find an unlicensed casino, they could rig the keno machines. But generally, the casino software developers ensure that there’s fair play between casino operators and players. All you have to do is find out if they are legit. If they are, then you don’t have to worry. They won’t rig the keno machines. 

Keno Casino Games Are Based On Chance

Since the keno games have a lottery-style to it, winning is solely based on chance or luck. There are no real strategies with which you can win, unfortunately. Of course, there are numerous casino websites with various strategies for playing keno games. But be wary because usually something that’s based on chance rarely has a strategy.

It also means that the more numbers you choose, the higher your chances of winning. Even though there’s a higher risk if you bet with considerable money, there are also more top wins like the three friends who earned more than $6 million.


Before you begin playing the keno games, you have to make sure that the online casino is registered with a popular regulatory authority. Also, follow the facts outlined in this guide to ensure that you stay on the right lane and win big.

Most people play keno casino games because of the higher payouts than other casino games. Take the time to research keno games before playing the game. It’s simple to play, and you can make considerable earnings. But remember to have fun while playing. If you want to explore other real money games, we recommend checking our online games. We have secured, fun, and captivating games, while earning significant profits. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will gladly assist you and ensure that you get what you want. Until then, check out our other blogs to read more helpful content.

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